Friday, December 28, 2007

Propaganda shower caps

Sometimes you need to take a fast shower while you want to prevent water form entering your hair.. Some people use to shower twice a day or maybe three times a day.. However we should use a good shower cap in order to keep water away from our hair, specially if you've made your hair in the salon and do not want it to lose it shape! Those shower caps are unique in their design and the way they are made to prevent from water entrance! You can find them in Limelight but they have a very small collection of those shower caps and every so often they are sold out! I used to get them from Thailand before during my visits to Bangkok.. On of my Friends calls me while she was in Thailand for Eid holiday and told me that she found a shop that provide different color and design from those shower caps.. I was like waaaw get me the entire collection!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


In one of my previous posts I've mentioned about the order I have placed from Zchocolate to one of my friends.. and I was pissed of! I wanted to surprise her but instead the chocolate last in the customs for 4 days! an entire period of 8 days a way from the receiver address which I believe that make the chocolate in totally bad condition, I was so embarrassed! I've been told it will reach her house within two days with DHL service, and the chocolate was perfectly packed with special boxing to prevent it from heat.
I was tracking my order number and I find out that it was finaly released from Kuwait customs, I called the DHL to ask them if they deliver the gift? and guess what:

Me: I want to ask about my order ?

DHL : what is your order track number Ma'am?

Me: it is #

DHL: ohh the driver went to deliver the order early morning today, but it seems no one there!

Me: how come you didn't call them, their number already mentioned on the delivery address?

DHL: there was no any telephone number provided with in the address!

Me: come on! I am sure the telephone number is there!, please send my gift immediately!

DHL: let me check again.. yes I think they call her.. emm... aaaa.. but I am not sure what happened then!, Ma'am I want you to know that there is a custom charge to be payed within delivery.

Me: WHAT... ohh thats make the things even more worse! it is a gift and I have already payed for everything when I placed my order!

DHL: I understand your situation... but an amount of 7.750Kd should be payed withing the delivery.

Me: ohh god! OK donot ask her for the payment! I am the one who will pay!.. Now I want you to call her to send my gift.

DHL: Ok... I will call her now do not worry we will send her gift immediately.. please accept our apology.. We are really sorry for the inconvenient.

Later on.. I spoke to my friend and she told me it was a very cool gift speciallly the way it was wrapped and engraved.. except that the chocolate was totally melted! "do not worry Techno I will put the chocolate in the fridge" .. And then I told her the whole story.

Later on.. I sent an email to Zchocolate informing them about what happened.. and for a response to my complaining.. they told me that they well send me another chocolate as a replacement for the damaged one!
Today I have received the replacement.. honestly it was really tasty and this time it was not melted! even though.. from now on I will never send any gift containing chocolate! to prevent my self from being in bad situations!

Monday, December 24, 2007


I used to keep some Mcvitie's Digestives biscuits in my office drawer in order to have something good and fast when ever I felt hungry! but certainly that was long time ago. Since two years I stopped keeping biscuits at work and instead I kept having multi brown flakes with milk early morning for breakfast. Today I went to the Co-Op and I find different kind of mini McVitie's biscuits which were distributed from the UK .. I bought the Milk chocolate digestive and the choc chip cookies and both were t a s t y! Now my point why it is not possible to have the good things in our Co-Op? because those things are rare and you barely find them from time to time in our country.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


From time to time it is useful to meditate, fill your room with candles, Aroma , and soft music. Relax..breath a good air.. try to forget everything and concentrate on the nature of life.. take a deep breath e x h a l e & i n h a u l.. repeat it once again. Imagine your self facing the sea side..hearing the seagull,feel the breeze.. free up your brain.. back off from your daily routine.. close your eyes..Take a deep breath... think about all your dreams .. try to reach them one by one.. imagine your self there where you can find the peace of mind..touch them.. hold them.. delete all the bad memories in one click .. imagine that there is a delete button.. start pressing this button.. delete the dark side of your past,your negative thoughts.. and restore your self with hope,energy,and bliss. Who said we can't forget? you are the master of your life and with a little of hope and faith you going to reach all your aims..all the negative feelings will vanish.. keep concentrating on the good things.. smile.. yes smile! and remember there is a better life, there is a glorious place.. with a little of courage and hope you will reach your dreams.. your life is you.. your future is you.. god gave us the brain to distinguish between the right and wrong.. choose the right path and you'll never regret. Ask god he like to hear you! ask again he like to hear you asking again, god is here he is the creator.. god is everywhere, when ever you fail remember "never giveup!" try again.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Data Accessibility improvement with FANs

Various companies have complex information systems that hold unstructured data which contain information that is not categorized in fixed categories such as Doc, PDF files.
Databases have built in tools for manipulating and managing structured data. However, to manage unstructured data, backing it up is a challenge.
The FANs (File Area Network) overcome the problems involved in managing unstructured data, File area networks organize, switch, and route and manage an organization's unstructured data, without interrupting user access to the information. The FAN concept is built through the namespace concept that virtually presents directories, folders, and files that hold the complicity of data physical location in the network. It provides users uninterrupted access to their data. As Brocades Evans explained names space separate the data's logical location from its physical location. FAN's usually use either Microsoft's Distributed File System, which lets administrators group shared folders located on different servers by transparently connecting them to one or more namespaces or their own proprietary versions.

David Geer, Computer Magazine

Monday, December 17, 2007

The secret

I've been reading through "the secret" book and it sounds interesting! The secret is about the law of attraction that says "like attract like" and goes through three steps which is: (Ask, believe, receive). Your thoughts become things that's what the book mentioned. it is similar to the law of gravity, the law of attraction does not compute words like (don't , didn't, not), like for example if you thought of something like "I don't want to see Sam" it will be translated as"I want to see Sam"!! as your inner part will receive it as it is without the negation words! You should clear your mind from the negative thoughts.. you are a magnet and your thoughts have a frequency that increases with your thoughts.. whenever you have bad thoughts try to remember the good things in your life, always smile and laugh! attract the good things to your self, be positive and make the universe a beautiful place filled with happiness. to know more about the secret read the book or watch the movie, it is really amazing!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Things to do in 2008

1- Prepare for the TOFEL test(target score 580).
2- Prepare for the GMAT test.
3- Make a comparison for the Universities in UK that offer Full time- MBA degree concentrated in Technology.
4- Lose some weight.
5- go to Omra.
6- buy new Camera.
7- buy new Laptop.
8- Attend YOGA classes.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

MAKI & Ghost Whisperer

MAKI & Ghost Whisperer, originally uploaded by MissTechnogal.

I have placed an order as usual from MAKI "Spicy seafood & Mushroom fried rice"and "Prawn Plum Sauce" while watching my favorite TV showtime "Ghost whisperer".
Ghost whisperer is one of my favorite TV Show Series, I have receives it last week from Amazon. Season 2 is similar to season 1 except that Melinda Gorden have been experiencing unusual ghosts that they can reside in dead human body so people can see them and talk to them. However both seasons 1 and 2 are cool and worth watching.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Starbuks- Toffee nuts Late

Starbuks- Toffee Late, originally uploaded by MissTechnogal.

I'd always loved the Toffee nuts late .. but unfortunately it is a limited addition and only available in christmas! So I wont be able to have every now and then.. guess gonna miss it next month!!!

MAKI - Crunchy Prawn

Crunchy Prawn, originally uploaded by MissTechnogal.

I am so into Japanese Food.. MAKI is one of my Favorite Japanese restaurants.. and Recently I wanted to try other dishes other than the one I used to order... So I tried Crunchy Prawn and it was tasty!!
Other favorite dishes that I use to have in MAKI are:
Spicy seafood & Mushroom fried rice, and Filo special Tempura.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

IT Tool Box

A useful website for those who are interested in Information Technology.. A community where peers share knowledge about information technology. it consisnt of 4 sections:
1- Group: Ask and answer question among skilled bases.
2- blog: blog and comment on real IT issues and trends.
3- Wiki: Creat or edit definitions, FAQs, and HOWTOs.
4- knowledge Bases: Group, blogs,Wiki and bundled by topics.

Self Challenge

It is time to Challenge my self .. I used to put my aims in front of me and act patiently till I reach them .. example of achieved aims:

1- losing weight.

2- saving money.

3- pursuing a higher degree.

4- buying a luxury car.

I'd always ask my self since I can plan for my aim very well.. why I am not able to Challenge my self?!! I had a bad habit(don't get me wrong!) that I couldn't get rid of it since long time ago.. the question is why? why I couldn't ? is it hard for me to practise my self not to do it? is it because I used to do it? or maybe It is out of my control?

Today I was thinking seriously, and between me and my self I decided to S T O P !

Hope I mean it this time! and I wish I'll never get back to this bad habit again!

Awful thoughts

Many of us have been experiencing bad moments in their life.. we call it experience as we learn from our experience so we won't fall in the same fault again.. in my life I had a bad experience and fortunately I get rid from all those bad experiences long time ago.. it took a quite long time for the pain to be healed .. but after all you will leave normal life with caution not to fall in the same trap again!
I don't wana be specific in this issue .. I don't even like to think about it! but the thing that I had some bad time last night... I went to bed late at night and suddenly every single bad thoughts came back to me!! it was like a horrible movie rewinding inside my mind.

I was terrible.. amxious and hectic! I was like ohh god not again.. why now!.. I don't wana remember.. I don't wana live that moment.. but couldn't stop thinking! couldn't sleep at all.

I was filled with anger.. I felt my head exploding.. Suddenly my mobile start beeping I had a message! I didn't even want to read the message! it was 1:30 at night.. for a moment I got paused from the bad thoughts "who is messaging me at this time?" I graped my mobile to read the message, hoping that it wasn't something related to what I was thinking about! Thank god it was a forward message from one of my colleague, after reading the message I slept immediately :) The next day I skipped my work and spent the entire time sleeping Z z z z z z z.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Kolon, originally uploaded by MissTechnogal.

A church in Kolon near to the train-station ( Kolon Bahnhof) I was watching all the people standing next to the church and then I notice that there was a prayer inside the church.. I went through and there was a charity event.. There were hundreds of people outside donating their shoes.. you wont imaging the number of shoes surrounding the place.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Roberto Cavalli hysteria at H&M in Amsterdam

OMG.. I can't believe what happened in Amsterdam when H&M opened their store with Roberto Cavalli products , the people were running, jumping and collecting the whole things, the store was nearly embty! they even don't remember what is in their hand.. they drag the things they collect and give it to the cashier.. is this what we call it shopping? or is it a rat race competition to see who collect more Cavalli's!?

Friday, November 23, 2007

My enduring problems with shipment issue!

My problems with shipment issues are continuous! I don't know who should I blame, do I have to blame the shipment service or the clearance department in Kuwait? I have placed my order to be shipped within two days using the DHL delivery service.. My order status was as the following:

Date Time LocationService Area Checkpoint Details

November 19, 2007 14:02 Marseille - France Shipment picked up
November 19, 2007 20:12 Marseille - France Transferred through Marseille - France
November 19, 2007 23:12 Marseille - France Departed from DHL facility in Marseille
November 20, 2007 00:29 Brussels - Belgium Arrived at DHL facility in Brussels - Belgium
November 21, 2007 02:04 Bahrain - Bahrain Departed from DHL facility in Bahrain - Bahrain
November 21, 2007 05:35 Kuwait - Kuwait Arrived at DHL facility in Kuwait - Kuwait
November 21, 2007 09:36 Kuwait - Kuwait Processed for clearance at Kuwait - Kuwait
November 21, 2007 09:36 Kuwait - Kuwait Clearance delay
November 21, 2007 17:41 Kuwait - Kuwait Clearance delay
November 21, 2007 20:48 Kuwait - Kuwait Clearance delay
November 22, 2007 11:48 Kuwait - Kuwait Clearance delay
November 23, 2007 00:17 Kuwait - Kuwait Clearance processing complete at Kuwait - Kuwait

I thought if I used a service like DHL my stuff would reach to me within two days.. but I didn't even imagine that it takes more other two days in clearance department!! which in total 4 days!! what if I was using the normal mail!! god only knows when I will be receiving my stuff.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dutch Land

It was a cool vacation.. we spent like 8 days there. Landed at Fra airport and from there we've purchase a twin pass ticket for 5 days and valid for one month. it costs about 280 Euro for two person. From Fra bahnhof we took the train that take us straight to Wie our main destination. The weather was perfect it was not too cold. We spent the first 5 days every morning heading to the bahnhof that takes only 30 minutes walking and from there to other destinations. The first day we went to Kolon (using ICE train 2 hours from Wie). The second day we went to Bonn (Via ICE train 3 hours from Wie). The Third day to Frankfurt main (half hour) and then to Rhein River (30 minutes). We went to mainz and to Dusseldorf ( 4 hours period from Wie via ICE train) it was the best destination as there where many shopping malls since it was the biggest city.

My New Car

Finally I bought my dream car :) after waiting for the right moment to get it.. I wanted to have this car without monthly payment or any interest.. in fact if I am not able to buy this car I won't have it at all!! I don't encourage people to spend like 3 to 5 years paying 300 to 400 KD every month, with 3000 Kd interest or maybe more!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

sonyericsson K850i

I loved this mobile for one reason which is the 5 Megapixel Cam, I can take a decent snapshots using the k850i, so there is no need to grab my cam with me when ever I go out.
The only thing I didn't like about this mobile, that it does not provide a wireless conectivity!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toyota Fj Cruiser 2008

The New FJ Cruiser from Toyota looks smart and cool, I find it pretty good as a havy duity car specially for the Chalet and long distance way. the thing that this car does not come with GPS system, or bluetooth functionality, the price is reasonable It costs only 10000 KD.
I called Al-sayer today and ask them if it is possible to add some optional features like navigation device and they told me it is not possible for now! but maybe later they can as they stop any preorder of FJ cars for an uncertain time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


With object dock you can customize the look of each items on the dock, you can arrange your software shortcuts as a task manager, you have the option to choose your object dock skin and color, and you can set various animation when you roll your mouse over a selected item. actually it was planned to be included in Vista, but for some compyright reasons .. they didn't add to Vista OS.
To download the objectdock click here

Thursday, October 4, 2007

German Railway DB

DB is the Deutsche Bahn logo, the most interesting thing in German Railway you will notice that the trains arrive, and depart in the exact timing. Say you have scheduled a train leaving from Frankfurt to Munich at 7:30, when you reach the Banhof while you are waiting there pay your attention to the timing 7:31 you will hear a Whistling and then after that notice that all the train doors start closing in time.. and no one will be able to enter this train!

The best thing to do when you are visiting G e r m a n y and want to explorer the country.. is to use the national train in order to visit other places within the same country all what you have to do is to get the national pass ticket. if you are a couple (2 person) you could purchase the twinpass ticket, it is much cheaper and if you want to save money. It is your choice to choose between 4 to 10 flexible days of travel .
Like for example if you want to have the twinpass 4 days ticket it cost you around 168 $ per person and it is valid for for a period of one month, you can use it in any train(the fast ICE train is included). for more info visit: railpass

Aramex VS. Normal Mail.

I have placed an order from Victoria Secrets, and didn't use my Aramex mail this time, one of my friends told me you shouldn't use the normal mail (home address) for some bad experiences! she told me once she added her home address when she purchase an order from Victoria Secrets, and then Kifan (the ministry of Communication) calld her to collect her order, she went there! and guess what? they opened every thing and checked her clothes labels, she didn't receive all the things for some politic reasons! they told her they have to execute some of her stuff for political issues! (I was like oh goosh Damn!) so I entered Victoria Secrets website and change my shiping address to Aramex, and sent an email to them explaning the issue in order to change my shiping address. After two days I received an email from Victoria Secrets with their responce to my request saying that some of my Items have already shiped! After one week I received one Item from Aramex which was weighing only 0.70 LB, but when Aramex deliver my order it was 4 LB !!! and I payed 7.760 Kd and that was because of the advertisement magazine! the second day I received my other 5 Items with no charges and reached to my house directly! Now my point is with the normal mailing address the delivery was much better than Aramex since I have payed nothing and since it cames directly to my house and within only one week!

Ramadan Sweets

One of our family friends send us a tray of an Arabic traditional sweets for Ramadan occasion , the one with orange, and yellow color we call it(Zalabia),and the other sweets are(Baglawa).

This tray is enough to feed more than 20 people! and for me if I kept eating from this tray I wont end up eating until one month! they are tasty and k i l l e r!.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Addicted to Coffee

I wish there is a caffeine capsules that replaces the excessive drink of coffee! I can't open my eyes in the morning, I can't concentrate really well in work, if I didn't have my morning coffee. It's been a while being addicted to coffee. this habit started with me long time ago. However, if I am in the middle of paper work or something that really need my full attention double shots of espresso would be a must!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weather in Wiesbaden/Germany

Click for Wiesbaden, Germany Forecast
I am planning to visit Germany within the ten coming days, my flight will be to Fra airport via Kuwait airways, and from there to Wiesbaden by rail station, normaly I travel to Germany every year in Augest, but never been there in October! guess it will be pretty cold in Oct, Also I was searching for a twin pass train ticket for a period of 4 days where I can use the train nationaly all around Germany, I've been to many places in Germany, I've chose Wiesbaden to be my main destination, booked a hotel there in the city center just few minutes from the train station, I will meet a German friend there who is really helpful, we know each other and her entire family for more than 5 years, her mom is cool and so friendly and she is the one who introduce us to each other.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Ugly Duckling & Me

I had The Ugly Duckling & Me movie to watch it for the weekend, it sounds interesting, and so I drag it into my DVD player, and then I was shocked! there was no sound at all! though the picture was sooo clear!
Cannot wait to watch it :( I shall replace it with another good copy from the guy who sold me the movie.. in fact that's what happen when we purchase a copy version instead of the original one! I couldn't wait to see it .. Unfortunately the original copy didn't release yet !

Friday, September 28, 2007


Maasdam Cheese is tasty when you have it melted,
it has a special flavor,grab a piece of toast topped
with a slice of Maasdam cheese, heat it for 6 minutes
in the oven, if you like add some lettuce and tomato ,
you will definitely like it.
by the way I used to call it the Rat cheese.. one day my dad asked me if I want something from the supermarket?and I immediately answered him: yes dad the Rat cheese.. he really gets angry when I name it this way!


If someone asks me which brand of c h o c o l a t e you will never pored from, I would say Hershey's. It is my Favorite chocolate, thought we don't have all the kinds here in Kuwait! but still I can bring it with me when ever I travel to the state.


I've tried many kind of painkiller but like Aleve I'd never seen!! the amazing thing that it works like the magic and approximately within 5 minute after having the tablet you will stop feeling the pain! I was having bad pain in my wisdom tooth and tried many things in order to stop this ache!! but when I had Aleve and within a couple of minutes the aching disappeared, actually it does not solve any illness problem, but if you need something to kill your pain, I do extremely recommend it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I find Aramex service really amazing and I've been using this service during the past few years to deliver my stuff from the internet, nowadays I noticed that some of the internet website while shopping does not accept shipping address like Aramex! they consider it as a forwarding mailing address from the state to other countries, and they do not want their stuff to be delivered internationally, I don't know why!? But I don't think they will lose anything since they are shipping to a US mail! Other reasons for order cancellation was because of the billing address! many website does not allow a billing address that do not match the shipping address! I would make my billing address similar to my shipping address, but when I purchase my order, they can find out the billing address right the way from the information assigned to the Visa card! I hope one day those matters will be resolved, we need an open trade and easier way to get our stuff delivered to us without complications!

Coloring your Iphone

I was searching for the Iphone customization and while I was checking my searched page I find colorwarepc website, they have a variety of brands for coloring like (Ipods, laptops , Iphones) and they provide different shapes and colors options. The most interesting was for the Iphone where I can change the color of everything even the headset, the dock and the entire OS functionality.


My sis Ordered from Dessert website for our family gathering on Thursday, she bought different kind of sweets and most of it was tasty.
I don't remember the website for now! but will update my post with the website when I find it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second Life

Second Life is one of my favorite online games, actually I consider it more than a game where you can walk, fight, laugh, sleep, travel and work.
also they have their own timing, and currency which is Linden Dollars! you can trade with Lindens, buy and sell shares.
You can buy your own land, Island, and house and fill them with your favorite things(furneture,painting,wall,electronics) ,or you can shop over a variety of malls and freebies where you can get some outfit, shoes, and many more.
whats more interesting is that you can add your own machine games and get payed from the users, or you can even add your own stuff for sell!

There are other ways to get money while you are logged into Second Life either by working for a part time there or by using paying object like (sitting in someone land, using slot machine, laying beside the sea side, or even by answering guests questions).

Monday, September 17, 2007

Snacks for evenings!

I am so into sweets and beverages, My Favorite cookies are Mini Chips Ahoy! soft & crunchy. Plus I love the roasted Nuts (Rifai mixed nuts) where they drive me nuts! and now since Ramadan started, I am not able to eat more from these stuff, as after having my Fotor I feel full and can't have more from these things, maybe in weekends while I stay awaked since I don't have work in the next day, I spent my time eating from these stuff and watching movies as usual.

Filling My Refrigerator

I've just filled my refrigerator with my favorite drinks, it was almost empty!
The two fanta on the lower left was not mine :(
they only take place there for one of my friends who adore Fanta , but for me I don't like Fanta at all! My favorite drinks are ( Coca Cola Lime , Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, A&W Root Beer, Budweiser and Oceanspray) .

Little Pringles

I was at Sultan center this evening, and while I was in the Chips section, I saw that tiny little Pringles! it was the first time for me to see it and I like it, it looks cool and the taste was yam!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quarter Bounder

It looks really tasty.. But many of people do not know how bad it is for our health! having the cheese burger from time to time does not matter, but what matter are those people who used to have it frequently!!! if you are in a diet stop eating jung food!

Apple for good health

Many of us know that fruits are the essential part of our food.. specially for people who are dieting and need to balance their vitamins in body.
Apples are rich of Vitamin B, you can eat them as they are or have them as apple juice, you should have at least one apple everyday.
Some recent researches show that apple contains Phytonutrients materials that avoid the containment of antioxidation , and therefor it prevent from different type of heart disease, and cancers.

The Important meal

Breakfast is the most important meal during the day, it should contain multi-fibers, fruits and dairy.
You can skip your dinner, eat light lunch, but never skip your breakfast, it is important to start your day with energy and to be healthier.
fruits are advisable to be before 2:00 PM as if you have it later on you wont benefit from its vitamins, I don't know if it is true or not but that what I've always read about it.

Nature Life

Some fish turn to be dangerous, but in fact they are not! now my point you cant act beyond something or someone until you know them very well.
some times you could have bad impression for someone, and later you discover all your ideas about this person is wrong! while you may have been mistaken about other people where you give them all your trust but they don't really deserve it.
you should know exactly who is the person you are dealing with before it is too late!

My sweet Duck

Since I was a child I loved the yellow duck! couldn't stop loving them even when I grow up, acting like a child! they are with me everywhere in the bathroom, work and my room. I don't know why but they give me the feeling of comfort and normally I feel calm when they are here with me! Even my Mom, one day she was holding something behind her, and she asked me guess what I brought for you, I was like what mom show me what are you hiding behind you! and then I realise it was my favorite duck.

Nike Store

I've been browsing Nike store and I was able to choose the backpack with my own selected color, what is more interesting that you can add your own ID, you can type what ever you want with two optional lines, still it is the same price wither you choose to write or not.
You can choose your Nike ID even for the watches and shoes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Food For Thoughts

A Cran Grape Ocean Spray and Multi-fiber Halloumi sandwich Along with A Brief History of the Future From Radio Days to Internet Years in a Lifetime for John Naughton, I spent my afternoon reading through this book, though I have reading it years back ago, but I wanted to refresh my memory and read it again, it is one of my favorite books, and it illustrates the vast change from radio to Internet through Arbanet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sweet and Spice

Sweet and spices have their own unique treats ingredient, An American woman who is in charge of everything there , she is really good enough to make me pass by their store every weekend to get my Vanilla cupcake. I got used to have my cupcake with a cup of an American coffee while I am watching my Favorite Show. In fact I shouldn't eat that much of sweets these days since I am dieting!! but couldn't stop my self from sweet and spice!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


We need it in our life .. to protect our selves from drowning.. although many of us can swim, but we are not sure how long we have to keep swimming until we reach to a safe place!