Sunday, October 26, 2008

Second Week At AUM

I've been busy lately with the beginning of my first semester at AUM for the MBA program. So far everything tend to be just cool..I have three lectures for this semester each lecture require 3 hours attendance per day/week, and a half hour break in the middle of the lecture.
The timing is somehow flexible but since it is a long way driving from Kuwait city to Al Egaila where the new building of the University located, I am reaching home late at night!
The teaching staff are excellent, and the program was so organised and very well structured.
I also had a different/positive view/concept for business , which one day was out of my concern before attending the MBA program. I didn't like financial accounting that much :( but I started loving economics :)
I eat a late breakfast the day I am having lectures and skip both lunch and dinner meal! I might eat light snack when I am back to home from the University, but the thing that I don't have time for dinner, usually I don't eat late at night! and I barely have my shower when am back,spend few hours reading/surfing, then sleEep Zzzzz.
As for lunch, if I ate my lunch before going to the University I would end up in laziness! and I might lose concentration! "in fact it does not really matter since it would be an added advantage to lose some weights"!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a hectic day!

You know this feeling when you have to wake up the next day in the early morning to start your first day at work after Ramadan and Eid holiday, while you still didn't programmed your self for the new timing!
It was almost 1 Am when I entered my room, preparing my self to sleep early *lol* in order to wake up early!
I turned on the TV and logged into the Internet before sleeping.. As I was not feeling sleepy at all! 15 minutes later I decided to sleep and force my self to do so.
I switched off everything in the room (laptop,TV,Lights) as I was so worried not skip my work the next day! 20 minutes later between trying to sleep and checking the time every 5 minutes. I decided to log on again! I felt deplorably bad and alerted, why the hell I am not able to sleep? 15 minutes later I turned on the TV too! and decided to watch gossip girl! I thought the idea of watching the TV would make me fall asleep. I spent the entire time between watching the TV, reading through the blogs, and playing Isketch. Ohh god it was 3 AM what's up with me!!! I have to sleep I have to sleep I have to sleep, I kept repeating those words! again I turned everything off. I also started counting the sheep! I remembered once at my childhood, my aunt told me if you are not able to sleep, close your eyes and imagine a flock of sheep jumping over a fence while counting the number that do so. it just like something that tire the eyes which also simulate rapid eye movement.
While I was counting the sheep, I felt my eyes blinking whenever a sheep jumps.. it wasn't funny at all! The time was passing and didn't know what to do.. shall I stay awake until work time? am I going to function well without sleeping!!! by the way what's the longest time you've gone without sleep?
Again I ended up continue watching gossip girl until 5 AM, and that was the last time I checked on my watch.
At 6 AM I felt my head exploding, it was my wake up alarm. I used my cell phone and hit snooze about three times until I wake up.
It was a long busy day at work... however, spending only 60 minutes while sleeping.. wasn't that bad after all :)
Now the worst part that I am still awake :) I don't feel sleepy at all! sounds weird but I just cant sleep at this time and never did before!