Sunday, August 12, 2007


We need it in our life .. to protect our selves from drowning.. although many of us can swim, but we are not sure how long we have to keep swimming until we reach to a safe place!

Disperate Housewives

I made an order for three seasons of Disperate Houewives.. After the end of all the seasons of sex and the city I find it wastfal to think about other TV show that might replace my interest to other show other than sex & the city! but in fact when I started watching disperate housewives I find it worth watching and since I have receive them last week I spent my entire time watching! I have a problem when I start watching I will never end up till I finish the whole seasons!

My favorite character is Susan Mayer(Teri Hatcher's)I like the way she acts and her personality! while I find Marcia Cross really odd with strange character!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Preparing for my MBA degree

Meantime I am practising for the GMAT test(Graduate Management Admission Test) .. I went to Amiddest last week and purchased a valuable book called "Cracking the GMAT" for Geoff Martz and Adam Robinson, I've been reading through the book since one week.. I find it really helpful and comprehensive.
I was searching for the test center and then I noticed that there isn't any one in Kuwait.. the only test centers were Amiddest and Newhorizons, but they no longer do the test any more.. guess will have it in Bahrain.