Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Ugly Duckling & Me

I had The Ugly Duckling & Me movie to watch it for the weekend, it sounds interesting, and so I drag it into my DVD player, and then I was shocked! there was no sound at all! though the picture was sooo clear!
Cannot wait to watch it :( I shall replace it with another good copy from the guy who sold me the movie.. in fact that's what happen when we purchase a copy version instead of the original one! I couldn't wait to see it .. Unfortunately the original copy didn't release yet !

Friday, September 28, 2007


Maasdam Cheese is tasty when you have it melted,
it has a special flavor,grab a piece of toast topped
with a slice of Maasdam cheese, heat it for 6 minutes
in the oven, if you like add some lettuce and tomato ,
you will definitely like it.
by the way I used to call it the Rat cheese.. one day my dad asked me if I want something from the supermarket?and I immediately answered him: yes dad the Rat cheese.. he really gets angry when I name it this way!


If someone asks me which brand of c h o c o l a t e you will never pored from, I would say Hershey's. It is my Favorite chocolate, thought we don't have all the kinds here in Kuwait! but still I can bring it with me when ever I travel to the state.


I've tried many kind of painkiller but like Aleve I'd never seen!! the amazing thing that it works like the magic and approximately within 5 minute after having the tablet you will stop feeling the pain! I was having bad pain in my wisdom tooth and tried many things in order to stop this ache!! but when I had Aleve and within a couple of minutes the aching disappeared, actually it does not solve any illness problem, but if you need something to kill your pain, I do extremely recommend it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I find Aramex service really amazing and I've been using this service during the past few years to deliver my stuff from the internet, nowadays I noticed that some of the internet website while shopping does not accept shipping address like Aramex! they consider it as a forwarding mailing address from the state to other countries, and they do not want their stuff to be delivered internationally, I don't know why!? But I don't think they will lose anything since they are shipping to a US mail! Other reasons for order cancellation was because of the billing address! many website does not allow a billing address that do not match the shipping address! I would make my billing address similar to my shipping address, but when I purchase my order, they can find out the billing address right the way from the information assigned to the Visa card! I hope one day those matters will be resolved, we need an open trade and easier way to get our stuff delivered to us without complications!

Coloring your Iphone

I was searching for the Iphone customization and while I was checking my searched page I find colorwarepc website, they have a variety of brands for coloring like (Ipods, laptops , Iphones) and they provide different shapes and colors options. The most interesting was for the Iphone where I can change the color of everything even the headset, the dock and the entire OS functionality.


My sis Ordered from Dessert website for our family gathering on Thursday, she bought different kind of sweets and most of it was tasty.
I don't remember the website for now! but will update my post with the website when I find it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second Life

Second Life is one of my favorite online games, actually I consider it more than a game where you can walk, fight, laugh, sleep, travel and work.
also they have their own timing, and currency which is Linden Dollars! you can trade with Lindens, buy and sell shares.
You can buy your own land, Island, and house and fill them with your favorite things(furneture,painting,wall,electronics) ,or you can shop over a variety of malls and freebies where you can get some outfit, shoes, and many more.
whats more interesting is that you can add your own machine games and get payed from the users, or you can even add your own stuff for sell!

There are other ways to get money while you are logged into Second Life either by working for a part time there or by using paying object like (sitting in someone land, using slot machine, laying beside the sea side, or even by answering guests questions).

Monday, September 17, 2007

Snacks for evenings!

I am so into sweets and beverages, My Favorite cookies are Mini Chips Ahoy! soft & crunchy. Plus I love the roasted Nuts (Rifai mixed nuts) where they drive me nuts! and now since Ramadan started, I am not able to eat more from these stuff, as after having my Fotor I feel full and can't have more from these things, maybe in weekends while I stay awaked since I don't have work in the next day, I spent my time eating from these stuff and watching movies as usual.

Filling My Refrigerator

I've just filled my refrigerator with my favorite drinks, it was almost empty!
The two fanta on the lower left was not mine :(
they only take place there for one of my friends who adore Fanta , but for me I don't like Fanta at all! My favorite drinks are ( Coca Cola Lime , Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, A&W Root Beer, Budweiser and Oceanspray) .

Little Pringles

I was at Sultan center this evening, and while I was in the Chips section, I saw that tiny little Pringles! it was the first time for me to see it and I like it, it looks cool and the taste was yam!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quarter Bounder

It looks really tasty.. But many of people do not know how bad it is for our health! having the cheese burger from time to time does not matter, but what matter are those people who used to have it frequently!!! if you are in a diet stop eating jung food!

Apple for good health

Many of us know that fruits are the essential part of our food.. specially for people who are dieting and need to balance their vitamins in body.
Apples are rich of Vitamin B, you can eat them as they are or have them as apple juice, you should have at least one apple everyday.
Some recent researches show that apple contains Phytonutrients materials that avoid the containment of antioxidation , and therefor it prevent from different type of heart disease, and cancers.

The Important meal

Breakfast is the most important meal during the day, it should contain multi-fibers, fruits and dairy.
You can skip your dinner, eat light lunch, but never skip your breakfast, it is important to start your day with energy and to be healthier.
fruits are advisable to be before 2:00 PM as if you have it later on you wont benefit from its vitamins, I don't know if it is true or not but that what I've always read about it.

Nature Life

Some fish turn to be dangerous, but in fact they are not! now my point you cant act beyond something or someone until you know them very well.
some times you could have bad impression for someone, and later you discover all your ideas about this person is wrong! while you may have been mistaken about other people where you give them all your trust but they don't really deserve it.
you should know exactly who is the person you are dealing with before it is too late!

My sweet Duck

Since I was a child I loved the yellow duck! couldn't stop loving them even when I grow up, acting like a child! they are with me everywhere in the bathroom, work and my room. I don't know why but they give me the feeling of comfort and normally I feel calm when they are here with me! Even my Mom, one day she was holding something behind her, and she asked me guess what I brought for you, I was like what mom show me what are you hiding behind you! and then I realise it was my favorite duck.

Nike Store

I've been browsing Nike store and I was able to choose the backpack with my own selected color, what is more interesting that you can add your own ID, you can type what ever you want with two optional lines, still it is the same price wither you choose to write or not.
You can choose your Nike ID even for the watches and shoes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Food For Thoughts

A Cran Grape Ocean Spray and Multi-fiber Halloumi sandwich Along with A Brief History of the Future From Radio Days to Internet Years in a Lifetime for John Naughton, I spent my afternoon reading through this book, though I have reading it years back ago, but I wanted to refresh my memory and read it again, it is one of my favorite books, and it illustrates the vast change from radio to Internet through Arbanet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sweet and Spice

Sweet and spices have their own unique treats ingredient, An American woman who is in charge of everything there , she is really good enough to make me pass by their store every weekend to get my Vanilla cupcake. I got used to have my cupcake with a cup of an American coffee while I am watching my Favorite Show. In fact I shouldn't eat that much of sweets these days since I am dieting!! but couldn't stop my self from sweet and spice!