Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Awful thoughts

Many of us have been experiencing bad moments in their life.. we call it experience as we learn from our experience so we won't fall in the same fault again.. in my life I had a bad experience and fortunately I get rid from all those bad experiences long time ago.. it took a quite long time for the pain to be healed .. but after all you will leave normal life with caution not to fall in the same trap again!
I don't wana be specific in this issue .. I don't even like to think about it! but the thing that I had some bad time last night... I went to bed late at night and suddenly every single bad thoughts came back to me!! it was like a horrible movie rewinding inside my mind.

I was terrible.. amxious and hectic! I was like ohh god not again.. why now!.. I don't wana remember.. I don't wana live that moment.. but couldn't stop thinking! couldn't sleep at all.

I was filled with anger.. I felt my head exploding.. Suddenly my mobile start beeping I had a message! I didn't even want to read the message! it was 1:30 at night.. for a moment I got paused from the bad thoughts "who is messaging me at this time?" I graped my mobile to read the message, hoping that it wasn't something related to what I was thinking about! Thank god it was a forward message from one of my colleague, after reading the message I slept immediately :) The next day I skipped my work and spent the entire time sleeping Z z z z z z z.

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