Thursday, February 28, 2008

MacBook Air

MacBook Air with its awesome look, the thinnest laptop ever, 13.3 inch wildscreen LED backlit display with 2 GB of ram, and battery life of 5 hours wireless productivity. Normally the MacBook air comes with 1.6GHz Intel core 2 Duo processor and with 1.8GHz for extra price, and storage capacity of 80GB hard drive, while you have the option to upgrade it to a 64GB solid state drive. It does not includes optical drive such as DVD or CD, instead apple has provided a new feature called the Remote Disc which permits the user to wirelesslyuse the optical drive of a Mac or PC in the surrounding area in order to have full access to an optical drive without having to drag one around. On the other hand you can simply purchase the optional external air SuperDrive that connects to your MBA with USB cable to install new softwares and play DVDs . what is more interesting for those user who don't feel comfortable while using the Mac OS, the MBA comes with the boot camp that run Windows on your Mac and start up your Mac in Windows.
I think I might get one, the price falls around 1950$ with taxes, which is approximately about 544 KD. Kuwait MacCIty wiling to sell the MBA for 670KD at the beginning of March , while Eureka have already sold the MBA for 560KD. They are out of stock now and they set a period of one week for the preorder requests for those who wana have it with the same price, I've been told that after one week from now the price will be higher to 660KD in Eureka.

Update: 10 July 2008
My Mom bought it for me and I love it ^_^

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I think MSN are working on an update to their email and messenger, I've been trying to sign in with my msn messenger but it seems the service is down! I tried to enter my email as well but the same thing apply! I called my friend and asked her if she is able to sign in but it seems she is facing the same problem, I remember long time ago that I have faced this problem and after that I noticed new futures added to msn email, and messenger. I've been using my email since 1997 and noticed how Microsoft changed their logo, the first logo was simple without the word msn as it first lunched. and so they have 5 different logos until now.
I remembered other softwares like (freetel, and Iphone4) but they are no longer available on the Internet! freetel was a cool software with full duplex connectivity .
While Iphone was a video chat software.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preparing for MBA

It's been a while shifting from one major to the other when it comes to study for Master degree! I am so in love with Computers and Technology , IT was my major in the University. The problem that most of the IT jobs are limited and more likely available for guys only! Many people suggested that I should go for the MBA instead of having master degree in Technology or Computer Science. I was planning to attend Maastricht business school for the MBA, I was fearing not to success in Business as I didn't study any business subject before! so I changed my plan to have my master degree in Information Technology "MIT", but unfortunately we don't have this program in Kuwait, instead I would go to the state where there are many Universities that offer the MIT, but if I am going to study there I have to quit my job :( and because I am working in the private sector it is not that easy to apply for an educational leave!! Recently I decided to go for the MBA. I heard about the AUM "American University of Middle East" which is in affiliation with Purdue University in the United State, it will open soon in Kuwait and will start their first semester on October, and in order to apply for the MBA in AUM I need a total score of 55o for the TOFEL and I need to have the GMAT exam as well, for the GMAT they are not asking for a specific score, but they do ask for the GMAT itself.
Guess I should prepare my self from now and schedule the exams.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sudden Weather Change

I was planning to spend the entire holiday in the chalet, I got that good feeling yesterday when it starts raining. Today early morning I was totally happy with the rain drops! I was like let the rain clean the country since we didn't have that much of rains during the year, suddenly while I was in my office I notice how badly the weather changed, I can't even see the street, the dust was surrounding all over the place, honestly I was shocked!! Oh god "no chalet":(
When I left my office I pass by the super market and there was a lady who was offering masks to the people, she was holding many boxes of masks! which gave me the impression that "good and kind people still living on this earth".

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Wildcharge is the new innovation of 2007, it enables mobiles, PDAs and other electronic devices to be charged simultaneously, up to 5 devices can be charged at the same time. For the meantime only Motorola Razar V3 phones can be charged wirelessly through the wildcharger bad, and within the upcoming months Wildcharge will be available for other mobiles phones, and music players. It will be including adapters for Iphone, Ipod family and Blackberry.

Tom & Jerry

I am a fan of Tom & Jerry cartoon show, I remembered the maid the one that always asks Tom to get rid of Jerry and keep watching the house, I don't remember that I have ever been seen her face and the only body part that was showing up was her legs!!! Today I received an email with this lady picture! I'd never thought of the way she was looking! but now I knew how does she look like! she showed up only in one of the Tom & Jerry Cartoon TV show and it was for parts of the second only, they mentioned that the only way to see her face is by pressing the >> forward slow motion button.

Blood Bank

I have received an email from a friend about a website called the blood bank created by an aid organization, actually it is a charity website that contains a huge database with blood donors from all around the world. The name of the blood donors and their blood groups and mobile numbers are all stored in the database when they firstly registered, blood seeker can search the website for their blood group and the country they are living in, and so they contact the donors by their mobile numbers if they have the same blood type.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


On 2000 Lancome sold its first limited edition perfume"Rose" it was my favorite perfume and it is not available any more, although it was the best perfume from Lancome! last year Lancome released the limited edition "Mille & Une Roses" which is fortunately still available in the market! and it is similar to the old one "Rose", hope this time it will be always available :(


Shelfari website are using such a cool concept that gathers the informatin of your own books and sort them into a virtual shelf aray that acts as a real book shelf and permit you to rate each book, also you can post your own review about what you have been reading. On the other hand you can share, and explore your reading experience with your friends and let them know what you think about that book.


Friday, February 8, 2008

Voting for the Community Member of the Year

As an ItToolBox member I was required to vote for the community member of the year, selecting the right person is a challenge it self, as I have to read through their profile and the things they have done during the past years, also I have to give my vote to the best wiki member and the best participants! I really like this website and fine it really helpful, where each member can interact with others and with real IT professionals.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Talking to Heaven

Meantime I am reading through the book "talking to heaven" it is in somehow similar to the Ghost Whisperer TV show, as it talks about the life after death and what's going on in the other world! It sounds crazy to read such a book, because no one knows what happen excatly after death!! god and only god knows about it, but I'll read it as a fiction story that cut a little bit of my curiosity! Will post my review later on when I am done with this book.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flying with Jazeera Airways

I went to Bahrain with my friend to check their University.. and it was the first time for us to try the Jazeera Airways, it was cool unlike Kuwait airways! I find Jazeera airline much better, the chair was much comfortable, and the service was much better! we spent only one day there, flying at 7 Am from Kuwait to Bahrain and returning the next day at 9 Am back to Kuwait from Bahrain, there was a bad traffic in Bahrain in this day! We spent the day almost in the University, we left the Uni at 7 PM which was located in a place near to "madenat Eisa" heading to Manama city to search for a hotel, we didn't even book the hotel room since we arrive Bahrain, the only thing we did when we arrived the airport is to rent a car and go to the university.

The traffic was too bad when we reached Manama, couldn't even find a hotel! until we found one near to us while we are inside the bad traffic, we rent the room at 8 pm and couldn't even think of going out for dinner because of the traffic, we spent the time in the hotel, having our dinner "actually it was lunch and dinner :(" in the hotel restaurant and then set the clock alarm to 5 AM and sleep since we have an early morning flight!

Ushop weship

Yesterday I received my shipment from Amazon, it was my first experience with ushop weship after the bad experiences with Aramex!!! I find ushop service cool except that the tracking system is down for the moment and they are working on it! I have placed my order from Amazon using my Ushop weship mail account, the price is reasonable and the service is excelent.. I received my items within 4 days after reaching my mail box in USA, and this time it takes only one day in the customs which is awesome :)

I was able to pay for my shipment in ushopweship website. after all I would recomend their service which I really like.
my order was a mix of books and DVDs:
1- Talking to Heaven by death "James van praagh".
2- common errors in english usage.
3- Two of sony memory sticks "1G each".
4- Dexter "the first season".
5- Criminal minds " first season".
5- The office "season 1".
6- House "season 1".
7- please teacher "Anime"