Wednesday, December 26, 2007


In one of my previous posts I've mentioned about the order I have placed from Zchocolate to one of my friends.. and I was pissed of! I wanted to surprise her but instead the chocolate last in the customs for 4 days! an entire period of 8 days a way from the receiver address which I believe that make the chocolate in totally bad condition, I was so embarrassed! I've been told it will reach her house within two days with DHL service, and the chocolate was perfectly packed with special boxing to prevent it from heat.
I was tracking my order number and I find out that it was finaly released from Kuwait customs, I called the DHL to ask them if they deliver the gift? and guess what:

Me: I want to ask about my order ?

DHL : what is your order track number Ma'am?

Me: it is #

DHL: ohh the driver went to deliver the order early morning today, but it seems no one there!

Me: how come you didn't call them, their number already mentioned on the delivery address?

DHL: there was no any telephone number provided with in the address!

Me: come on! I am sure the telephone number is there!, please send my gift immediately!

DHL: let me check again.. yes I think they call her.. emm... aaaa.. but I am not sure what happened then!, Ma'am I want you to know that there is a custom charge to be payed within delivery.

Me: WHAT... ohh thats make the things even more worse! it is a gift and I have already payed for everything when I placed my order!

DHL: I understand your situation... but an amount of 7.750Kd should be payed withing the delivery.

Me: ohh god! OK donot ask her for the payment! I am the one who will pay!.. Now I want you to call her to send my gift.

DHL: Ok... I will call her now do not worry we will send her gift immediately.. please accept our apology.. We are really sorry for the inconvenient.

Later on.. I spoke to my friend and she told me it was a very cool gift speciallly the way it was wrapped and engraved.. except that the chocolate was totally melted! "do not worry Techno I will put the chocolate in the fridge" .. And then I told her the whole story.

Later on.. I sent an email to Zchocolate informing them about what happened.. and for a response to my complaining.. they told me that they well send me another chocolate as a replacement for the damaged one!
Today I have received the replacement.. honestly it was really tasty and this time it was not melted! even though.. from now on I will never send any gift containing chocolate! to prevent my self from being in bad situations!


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