Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HapPy Birthday Madonna!

HapPy Birthday Madonna !
What's your favorite Song?
La Isla Bonita #1

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have you experienced Lucid Dreams ?

If you are conscious and aware that you are dreaming then you are in a state of lucid dream.  It happens when you recognize that you are dreaming, meaning you can influence events & act out some of your wildest fantasies with utter freedom, where you are fully aware that there are no physical consequences since you know you'll eventually wake up  from your dream safely. 

Although it's rare and only some people who can get to this state of consciousness and recognize that they are in a dream, you can also recognize it easily! Lucid Dreams is a skill that you can develop gradually, by keeping a dream diary, testing your waking reality, imagining you are dreaming and visualizing a dream activity. 

With dedication & motivation you can increase your ability to lucid dream. There are lectures, workshops, and electronic devices to help people achieve a lucid dream state. 
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

in love with this book!

I've got this book from a small bookshop last month while I was in Italy. If you read the name of this book you'll think it's all about Mind Games! While in fact it's not ! The name  only reflects one of it's topics.  It’s more about a detailed information about the mind and everything related to our brain and it’s fictionality. It starts with an illustration of the inner contents of the brain, and then it goes through some facts about it, like how to enhance your brain functionality, and the nutrients needed for brain enhancement. Then it continuos with other topics like “memorization, optical illusions, synchronicity, speed reading,  reading body language, telepathy, stress reducing tips, etc..”.   I am not done yet with it, but I can tell from what i’ve already read it’s an amazing book!

Five New BlackBerry 7 OS Smartphones

RIM today announced their plan to lunch five new Blackberry Smartphones running the new powerful next generation Blackberry 7 OS:  Torch 9810, Torch 9860, Torch 9850, Bold9900, and Bold 9930.

The new Blackberry 7 OS features faster browser, HTML5 for video support,  and smooth GUI.

The next generation of Blackberry Smartphones will be available from different carriers around the world starting later this month.