Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Self Challenge

It is time to Challenge my self .. I used to put my aims in front of me and act patiently till I reach them .. example of achieved aims:

1- losing weight.

2- saving money.

3- pursuing a higher degree.

4- buying a luxury car.

I'd always ask my self since I can plan for my aim very well.. why I am not able to Challenge my self?!! I had a bad habit(don't get me wrong!) that I couldn't get rid of it since long time ago.. the question is why? why I couldn't ? is it hard for me to practise my self not to do it? is it because I used to do it? or maybe It is out of my control?

Today I was thinking seriously, and between me and my self I decided to S T O P !

Hope I mean it this time! and I wish I'll never get back to this bad habit again!

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