Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Alone!

I spent the whole day at home away from the dust, between reading, eating, and watching TV series! and since the weather doesn't sounds really good for me I may spend the entire weekend at home. I guess it's getting worse within the next upcoming days! Normally we go to the chalet every weekend, but I noticed this year our visits to the chalet are decreasing, due to the climate change and the dust persistence ! it seems we are having to much dust this year. Hope I am mistaken! :(
1- I watched Weeds season two (episodes 1,2,3,and 4).
2- I read through the book "A thousand Splendid suns".
3- I had buttered popcorn while watching the TV.
4- downloaded some media files from the Internet.

Another storm hits Kuwait!

The weather is scary outside!!! My sis called and asked me not to leave my office!! She told me that the people in Al-Jahraa are having bad moments with the sand-storm which turned to be much worse than the previous one!
Hope it'll rains to clean the dust everywhere!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mr Bean

Mr.Bean the funniest Man on TV is now famous as the cartoon hero of his own animated series, the same face,voice and comedian effect... I really enjoyed watching this animated show, and willing to order the complete series. He is much funnier in the cartoon. Mr.Bean is so in love with his Teddy bear. Watch what happened to him on "Missing Teddy episod". Poor Mr.Bean!

Rainy Day

I was sitting with mom in her room.. My dad entered the room and wear his "Dishdasha".. and I was like: Dad isn't it a bit early for "Maghreb" prayer!!
Dad: It might rain heavily today..there is a big black cloud outside!! I will go to the Mosque earlier for "Maghreb Prayer" to prevent the weather change on my way in case it rains. Suddenly I heard a noise like explosion.. it was raining heavily! The winds started hitting the windows and the trees. It was like a fast storm! I went to my room and opened the window.. It was a nice feeling seeing the rain drops.. especially when it clears the stucked dust all over the country.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is just another interesting virtual game more likely for people who are interested in the Business field. The currency of Kapilands is called caps symbolized with a line cutting the letter C vertically. In Kapilands users have their own office, production, warehouse, building, and products. Users need to know which products are meant for sale and which are intermediate products before start building all over the place! Buildings are the most important feature of the entire game. Every building serve a different purpose. In this case you need to know the building and their different options. For me as a newbie it sounds interesting game especially that it contributes in building your business orientation. If you are new to Kapilands, start with the tutorial that will help you get started.