Thursday, October 4, 2007

German Railway DB

DB is the Deutsche Bahn logo, the most interesting thing in German Railway you will notice that the trains arrive, and depart in the exact timing. Say you have scheduled a train leaving from Frankfurt to Munich at 7:30, when you reach the Banhof while you are waiting there pay your attention to the timing 7:31 you will hear a Whistling and then after that notice that all the train doors start closing in time.. and no one will be able to enter this train!

The best thing to do when you are visiting G e r m a n y and want to explorer the country.. is to use the national train in order to visit other places within the same country all what you have to do is to get the national pass ticket. if you are a couple (2 person) you could purchase the twinpass ticket, it is much cheaper and if you want to save money. It is your choice to choose between 4 to 10 flexible days of travel .
Like for example if you want to have the twinpass 4 days ticket it cost you around 168 $ per person and it is valid for for a period of one month, you can use it in any train(the fast ICE train is included). for more info visit: railpass

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