Saturday, October 27, 2007

sonyericsson K850i

I loved this mobile for one reason which is the 5 Megapixel Cam, I can take a decent snapshots using the k850i, so there is no need to grab my cam with me when ever I go out.
The only thing I didn't like about this mobile, that it does not provide a wireless conectivity!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toyota Fj Cruiser 2008

The New FJ Cruiser from Toyota looks smart and cool, I find it pretty good as a havy duity car specially for the Chalet and long distance way. the thing that this car does not come with GPS system, or bluetooth functionality, the price is reasonable It costs only 10000 KD.
I called Al-sayer today and ask them if it is possible to add some optional features like navigation device and they told me it is not possible for now! but maybe later they can as they stop any preorder of FJ cars for an uncertain time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


With object dock you can customize the look of each items on the dock, you can arrange your software shortcuts as a task manager, you have the option to choose your object dock skin and color, and you can set various animation when you roll your mouse over a selected item. actually it was planned to be included in Vista, but for some compyright reasons .. they didn't add to Vista OS.
To download the objectdock click here

Thursday, October 4, 2007

German Railway DB

DB is the Deutsche Bahn logo, the most interesting thing in German Railway you will notice that the trains arrive, and depart in the exact timing. Say you have scheduled a train leaving from Frankfurt to Munich at 7:30, when you reach the Banhof while you are waiting there pay your attention to the timing 7:31 you will hear a Whistling and then after that notice that all the train doors start closing in time.. and no one will be able to enter this train!

The best thing to do when you are visiting G e r m a n y and want to explorer the country.. is to use the national train in order to visit other places within the same country all what you have to do is to get the national pass ticket. if you are a couple (2 person) you could purchase the twinpass ticket, it is much cheaper and if you want to save money. It is your choice to choose between 4 to 10 flexible days of travel .
Like for example if you want to have the twinpass 4 days ticket it cost you around 168 $ per person and it is valid for for a period of one month, you can use it in any train(the fast ICE train is included). for more info visit: railpass

Aramex VS. Normal Mail.

I have placed an order from Victoria Secrets, and didn't use my Aramex mail this time, one of my friends told me you shouldn't use the normal mail (home address) for some bad experiences! she told me once she added her home address when she purchase an order from Victoria Secrets, and then Kifan (the ministry of Communication) calld her to collect her order, she went there! and guess what? they opened every thing and checked her clothes labels, she didn't receive all the things for some politic reasons! they told her they have to execute some of her stuff for political issues! (I was like oh goosh Damn!) so I entered Victoria Secrets website and change my shiping address to Aramex, and sent an email to them explaning the issue in order to change my shiping address. After two days I received an email from Victoria Secrets with their responce to my request saying that some of my Items have already shiped! After one week I received one Item from Aramex which was weighing only 0.70 LB, but when Aramex deliver my order it was 4 LB !!! and I payed 7.760 Kd and that was because of the advertisement magazine! the second day I received my other 5 Items with no charges and reached to my house directly! Now my point is with the normal mailing address the delivery was much better than Aramex since I have payed nothing and since it cames directly to my house and within only one week!

Ramadan Sweets

One of our family friends send us a tray of an Arabic traditional sweets for Ramadan occasion , the one with orange, and yellow color we call it(Zalabia),and the other sweets are(Baglawa).

This tray is enough to feed more than 20 people! and for me if I kept eating from this tray I wont end up eating until one month! they are tasty and k i l l e r!.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Addicted to Coffee

I wish there is a caffeine capsules that replaces the excessive drink of coffee! I can't open my eyes in the morning, I can't concentrate really well in work, if I didn't have my morning coffee. It's been a while being addicted to coffee. this habit started with me long time ago. However, if I am in the middle of paper work or something that really need my full attention double shots of espresso would be a must!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weather in Wiesbaden/Germany

Click for Wiesbaden, Germany Forecast
I am planning to visit Germany within the ten coming days, my flight will be to Fra airport via Kuwait airways, and from there to Wiesbaden by rail station, normaly I travel to Germany every year in Augest, but never been there in October! guess it will be pretty cold in Oct, Also I was searching for a twin pass train ticket for a period of 4 days where I can use the train nationaly all around Germany, I've been to many places in Germany, I've chose Wiesbaden to be my main destination, booked a hotel there in the city center just few minutes from the train station, I will meet a German friend there who is really helpful, we know each other and her entire family for more than 5 years, her mom is cool and so friendly and she is the one who introduce us to each other.