Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watch the 87 Years Old Salsa Dancer

OMG do u believe that ???? 87 years lady dancing Salsa incredibly ! excellent movement.. well done old lady!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Choosing among web browsers

Which Web Browsers Are You Using? Why?

As for me it depends on the purpose of using it.. for instance, I use AOL browser to gain access to blocked websites!

When I am using my mac OS I prefer to use FireFox. and with Windows OS I normally use Internet Explorer 7. Sometimes I shift between Flock, Opera and Chrome. But most of the time I use MSIE 7.0. Dont ask me why! It just makes me feel comfortable while I am using it!
I leave you with some statistical data presented in a bie chart for the Usage Share of Web Browsers 2008 Q4. Source --> Wikipedia

Monday, January 19, 2009

UshopWeship sucks big time!

Who said ushopweship delivers your shipment within a week?!! If I told you that before, then I am sorry!!

If however you are using this service and receive your shipment within 2 to 3 weeks then I consider you as a lucky person.

I've been experiencing the worst service ever from ushopweship..from the day I order until receiving my stuff. No trakcing system + unusual delay. You have to call them frequently and barely you'll have a good answer!

Now put your self in this situation

You've placed an order from the US using your forward mail "ushopweship". 7 days later you called ushopweship to check on your shipment! The lady who works there told you: send us an email and mention the tracking number, your mail box number, and the date. You did exactly what she told you! 3 days later.. you called them back and ask again for your shipment.. You were informed that the shipment is still in the US! And it’ll take two more days until it reaches Kuwait. Again.. again and again. You start wondering about your shipment! Another more two days passing and still no one called.. not even an email from them to know the status of your shipment ! You call them back and as usual "we didn't receive your shipment yet". and every time you call them they give you different excuses.

Exc1: The flight from the US is canceled.
Exc2: The airport is holding the shipment.
Exc3: The tracking system is down.
Exc4: The driver is busy with many packages to be delivered.
Exc5: Your shipment is on hold in the customs.

I hate it when I call them and one lady tells me something, and the next day another lady tells me something totally different. Now the worst part... When you need to talk to their manager and ask them for his/her telephone number.
And guess what was their answer!? -> "Ma'am I cannot give you the manager number"!! What? WTH!!!?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Add fivicon to your blog

You can do few simple steps to add a fivicon "Favorite icon" to your web browser/blog that appears just next to your domain name in your URL bar.

First of all you have to convert the picture you wanna add into an ICO format. You can do that through ICONJ website for free. ICONJ generates your favicon.ico with the code in their direct server.
After uploading your picture, you can host it via iconj.com and copy the piece of code and paste it below in the head of your browser.

1- Sign in into your blogger account.
2- Go to Layout --->Edit HTML (Remember: you have to Download a full template of your blog before doing any modification to your HTML code!)

3- Paste the code directly under /HeAd and save your template.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Honesty Award Tag

I've been tagged by atoona for the Honesty award tag!

1- Two things I cannot live without Internet and Water!

2- I extremely believe that nothing is impossible as long as we set a good plan and stick to it.

3- For me it is a quite easy to trust people even if I do not really know them! but if someone break this trust he or she will never get it back again!

4- I hate all the insects even more than snakes and crocodiles!

5- I love to travel a lot and discover many cultures as long as I have the chance to do so.

6- I prefer fine dinning more than going to the cinema.

7- I am very moody and my mood changes quickly, it all depends on my temperament!

8- I love solving puzzles :)

9- I never give up! and my motto is "If it is going to be it is up to me".

10- When it comes to fears.. I only fear god & Plane takeoff.

I am tagging Glitter & Ra1