Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Power of Invisibility

Have you ever think about this before,being able to walk while you are physically dematerialized?.. Suppose that you were given the disappearing formula that works only for three hours of being totally invisible to others, while no one can see/feel your existence! and the chance of having this powerful formula are given for only once. Now that you have the only one chance to disappear physically, what would you do during your disappearance? Remember you have 3 hours only.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gmail with New Themes

Gmail added new themes feature to their Email interface, where you can customize your gmail account with different themes. Themes also are customized automatically by your location, Gmail use the location information you provide to assign these changes with your local sunset, sunrise and/or weather. When you select one of the themes in your Settings page/Theme tab, a country/ region drop down menu will show up. Select your country/city to make this change effect with your themes collection.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maachla Online Grocery

While I was on facebook.. there was an ad for a local grocery called Maachla. They follow the same concept of taw9eel "online grocery to home delivery".
I didn't try it yet. but I did some comparisons between "Taw9eel" and "Maachla" in terms of price and menu variety. Maachla is slightly cheaper than taw9eel. and they provide great deal of variety in their website.

Who's next? -----> :) "More competitor + cheaper prices".

For more information about Maachla visit there website

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Have you ever encounter extremely selfish people in your life? how do you deal with them?
I believe that human nature is inherently selfish, selfishness is nothing else but a way to receive without giving, they are blind enough to see the selfishness in themselves.

While altruistic, those who treat people the way they want to be treated! and give the much they can give without expecting anything in return.

I don't really understand those people.. It is really annoying!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Azada - Ancient Magic

Azada: Ancient Magic a game that combine adventure/hidden objects with a large variety of unique and interesting puzzles solver. you will be trying to help the young Titus disarm a magical menace. The game contains a large library of classes literature where you help legendary characters.
The game consists of a series of 24 storybooks and more which is structured around solving those puzzles. each storybook may contain clues, puzzles, and many more all of which fit together to solve the main riddle of the book. you'll be using objects where appropriate and flip back and forth through the book. after solving a set of books and collecting the corresponding character cards, you'll need to take them to the upper level of the library to the strange looking machine.
Also you have to complete a few short mini games to get things done. This game require you to think and experiment things on each book stage.
It is really interesting and make you think all the time, and train your brain solving the mysteries!

To download the game ClickMe