Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spending 5 hours trying to figure out the wepkey

I am in Bahrain now for Eid Holiday.. I came here to visit my friend who is staying and studying there. She picked me up from the airport heading back to her apartment. when we reached there I remembered something important that have to be done through the Internet! I switched my laptop on trying to connect to the Internet via her wireless connection.

Me: what is your wep key?
Bhh: emmmm... try 0123456789

Me: it does not work!!

Bhh: then try 1234567890

Me: are you sure about the wep key?

Bhh: yes it was something like that!

Me: Ohh god... please, try to remember!

Bhh: Then try 0987654321 or 9876543210

Me: Comeon both are not working!

Bhh: I am not sure I cant remember!

Me: Ok lets go out for dinner and we will try to figure it out later!

Bhh: Ok

So we went out for dinner and did some grocery shopping together.. after that we returned back to here place.
I was trying to read the manual for "net gear access point" in order to solve this bothering problem.
She offered me her laptop, but I didn't really wanna use her laptop since I have to check some important issues from my own laptop where the passwords are stored there and couldn't really memorise them!
Again to the search process but this time trying to find out a software that might retrieves her wep key. it took me more than two hours searching for the right software for the retrieval process! until I found "wireless key view" for retrieving wep key passwords!

it was free of charge, a very simple software. I did the installation on her machine. and guess what was the password? 1234567891 !!!!!!!

I couldn't stop laughing and spend the entire day repeating the numbers in a loud voice!! again and again!

Eid Greetings from TG to all blogger

Eidkum Mubarak :) O 3asakoOom min 3awadah.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday "Google"!

Windows Live Messenger Beta Version 2009

Have you tried the new beta version Of Windows Live Messenger?

I've just downloaded it and it sounds pretty good to me.

What's new on WLMB:

1- Choose between three different picture sizes for you contacts List.

2- Add and drop contacts to a favorite contact list.

3- You can sing in to Messenger in more than one place and get instant mesegaes everywhere you're signed in.

4- A list of different builtin sounds for your messenger.

5- You can add your own signature sound "the sound your contacts hear when you sign in".

6- Automatically Scan your MSN received files for viruses.

7- Different scene for your main window.

You may notice the sound for nudge and other sound files on this new version lower than it should be. To adjust the volume for your WLMB all what you have to do is to click on your speakers volume icon on the lower right of your taskbar and then click on mixer where you will find Window Live Messenger beta under device!

update: to install the Final version 2009 build 14.0.8050.1202

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Renumber your contacts with Zain for FREE

Zain is offering the renumbering service for your contacts with no charges. All what you have to do is to follow the instruction.

1. Check if your mobile is supported or not, for the complete list of supported devices
click here

2. Send SMS with the letter B to the number 99509.

You will receive two messages, the first one for login purpose to Zain portal, click on the link provided on this message. notice that when you enter the link you'll be using the Internet service which is also free for now!

when you enter the website a list with brand names will show up. After choosing your mobile brand, another list for your phone models will show up, select the model and install the software.

The second message provides the link for the same instruction which is already mentioned here!

4. Open the client and click on Profiles. "check your mobile for the client application that you've already installed".

5. Choose Contacts

6. Go back, click on Keep It (some mobiles starts Keeping automatically)

7. Click on Get It

8. Your contacts are renumbered now you may face some delay due to sever load, you can do a direct renumbering through Zain Mobile Backup Portal

Once you installed the program your info will be stored in a portal service provided by Zain. So I am not sure about how confidentially they take your info. I spoke to Zain and they said your information will be kept confidential though.

What else you can do with " Zain Mobile Client" application?

1- you can backup/synchronize your mobile entire date.

2- manage/view your data through Zain secure server.

3- transfer your backup date to new mobile.

Since I am using Nokia, I renumbered my contacts list using Nokia PC Suite software. it is also useful for backup purposes. in this case what matter happened to the data on your mobile "Damaged/erased/lost/stolen" you'll be having a backup version on your PC to reinstall it later on.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We got a visitor we got a Little Monkey

Little Monkey discovering & wondering

My sis came yesterday carrying a yellow cage with her.. I was wondering is it a dog or cat? Guess what was inside it? an adorable little Monkey!!! it was a gift for my cousin who is in deep love with animals. She purchased it through the Internet and got it released from the customs yesterday. So the Monkey stayed for two day at our house because she wanted to make some medical test/checkup to make sure that he is in a good condition. and to get him some clothes and stuff before sending him to their house.
The best part that we were trying to let him wear the diaper while making sure not to hurts his tail.. looool ..as we made a small hole to get his tail out of the diaper!!

Emmm.. do I have to wear this!

Today early morning and before going to my work, I wanted to check on him, he was totally sad and scared :( I stayed playing with him for couple of minutes and while I was leaving the room he started screaming and shouting!!!! He didn't really want me to leave as he was feeling lonely! but I had no choice since I was almost late for my work. When I came back from work I found him sleeping tight holding the towel innocently! Litttle monkey you've been missed

Ohh yeah Banan is my favorite

T.E.C.H.N.O.G.A.L. bla bla bla!

Transforming Electronic Construct Hardwired for Nocturnal Observation, Gratification and Accurate Learning

Get Your Cyborg Name

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Improvement on Windows Live Hotmail

New Features/enhancement will be added to improve Windows Live Hotmail "Wave 3". Microsoft announced that there will be an exciting changes to Hotmail within the next upcoming weeks and before the end of 2008.
The most important improvement:

- Up to 70 percent faster to sign in and see your email.

- Powerful technology to protect against spams/viruses/scams.

- Cleaner Design.

- New themes/colors.

- The ability to IM from hotmail.
- More storage space that automatically grow with you depending on your needs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

World's mightiest atom-smasher starts operations today - Wed,Sep 10, 2008

The world's biggest atom smasher fired up today by the particle physicists, in a mission to answer some of the most perplexing questions about "The nature of the universe"designed to simulate conditions of the Big Bang that created the physical Universe .
They have fired a beam of particles called protons around the 27km long tunnel which houses the LHC "Large Hadron Collider" that was designed to accelerate sub atomic partiles to nearly the speed of light and then smash them together! with a machine that costs 5 billion Pounds.

Another big challenge will be testing the theory of supersymmetry, which postulates that the members of the known bestiary of sub-atomic particles have related, but more massive, counterparts.

Internet-driven rumours said the LHC would create black holes or a nasty hypothetical particle called a strangelet that would gobble up the planet. CERN commissioned a panel to verify its safety calculations and France also carried out its own assessment.
Paul Rincon - Science reporter, BBC News The big bang

You may also watch "The Large Hadron Rap" on youtube, for the producer Kate McAlpine, 23, a Michigan State University graduate at CERN.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Need the timing for "3ion el7ooob"

I missed watching yesterday series "3ion el7ooob" and I've been searching through the TV channels all the day, but nothing! Asked my friends too, elee tgol ley 3 willi ygool 4!

Anyone know the exact timimng/channel?

Update: A friend of mine called 40 minutes before Fotor and told me it is showing now on Watan TV!

What about you guys, what's your favorite TV show for Ramadan?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nothing but dipping!

Today I decided to eat less in Fotor to keep some space for sweet!

A very simple and fast recipe for the chocolate dip, a combination of "Skimmed milk + plain Cadbury/galaxy".

Served with Sara lee cake, marshmallows, and cookies for the dipping ^__^

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The first four days of Ramadan

It has been 4 days now since the Holy month started. I was not expecting Ramadan this year to be that easy! Although it comes earlier this year in summer with unbelievable humidity, I didn't really feel that tire during those days. The only bothering issue was the unusual traffic! Ohh god I really hate it! Its not only in the mornings it's just like 24/7!

Not to mention the roads 5 minutes before “Maghrib Athan”, where people drive really crazy to reach their destination. it's like being in 5 minutes race with cars at a minimum driving speed of 120 kph !

Why the speed racer? It is with no harm if you leave 15 minutes earlier!

Another minor bothering issue got to do with my morning coffee!! It's like starting the day with a car without fuel! being weak at work between feeling sleepy and not really functioning/concentrating!


Speaking of coffee, Coffee Republic ”one of the best known and largest independent espresso bar brands in the UK” opened their first branch last month at the Universal Tower, located in Aldarwaza, Ahmed Aljaber Street. T:2497230/1. They also start delivery to near by companies in Sharq area.