Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I find Aramex service really amazing and I've been using this service during the past few years to deliver my stuff from the internet, nowadays I noticed that some of the internet website while shopping does not accept shipping address like Aramex! they consider it as a forwarding mailing address from the state to other countries, and they do not want their stuff to be delivered internationally, I don't know why!? But I don't think they will lose anything since they are shipping to a US mail! Other reasons for order cancellation was because of the billing address! many website does not allow a billing address that do not match the shipping address! I would make my billing address similar to my shipping address, but when I purchase my order, they can find out the billing address right the way from the information assigned to the Visa card! I hope one day those matters will be resolved, we need an open trade and easier way to get our stuff delivered to us without complications!

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