Friday, December 21, 2007

Data Accessibility improvement with FANs

Various companies have complex information systems that hold unstructured data which contain information that is not categorized in fixed categories such as Doc, PDF files.
Databases have built in tools for manipulating and managing structured data. However, to manage unstructured data, backing it up is a challenge.
The FANs (File Area Network) overcome the problems involved in managing unstructured data, File area networks organize, switch, and route and manage an organization's unstructured data, without interrupting user access to the information. The FAN concept is built through the namespace concept that virtually presents directories, folders, and files that hold the complicity of data physical location in the network. It provides users uninterrupted access to their data. As Brocades Evans explained names space separate the data's logical location from its physical location. FAN's usually use either Microsoft's Distributed File System, which lets administrators group shared folders located on different servers by transparently connecting them to one or more namespaces or their own proprietary versions.

David Geer, Computer Magazine

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