Friday, August 29, 2008

No More Blocking! Enjoy Surfing!

With AOL 9.1 "browser & multi purpose application", you can surf the web openly without any restriction! and I mean it when I said openly!!!

You wont be facing all those ridiculous blocking! I mean come on it isn't about porno! It is all about our right to view/enter any website on the Internet!

AOL turns to be much faster than any other browser. With a user friendly interface like AOL you will have the choice to choose between different features. AOL setting that include (Themes, Voice greeting for variety of famous characters , Background wallpaper, and many other options). It is like having different application in one software! Application that includes XM & AOL Radio, Personal Email,Browser, blog,IM, Anti viruses, Videos,RSS, and many more.

In order to use AOL application you have to register for a Screen name and a Password. Remember without the screen name and the password you wont be able to surf the web openly not even if you signed on as a guest!

Note that AOL 9.1 only compatible with Windows operation system, AOL 9.1 is not yet available for Mac OS, Unix, or Linux.
To download AOL 9.1 Click Here
AOL frequently asked question

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Start surfing the web back from 1996

You can extract the archived website by what they call it the way back machine at Now this is really awesome! You can go back in time and look at a website for example back on 2002, or 1996. You can attempt to gather valuable information for the website. for instance all what you have to do is to enter a specific website name (yahoo, hotmail, blogs, companies, etc..) and choose the archived date from the list to see what that site used to look like! Sometimes people accidentally post information on their website, maybe information about their employee. their extensions, maybe email address. If they remove those information from the website you can check them up by the way back machine. bottom line When something is published on the Internet they may be there for ever! 2004 2005 1997

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Youtube Video problem solution " we're sorry, this video is no longer available. "

I noticed recently that many people al around the world are experiencing some difficulties to play a video on Youtube. I faced the same problem as well! it happened to me when I tried to play different videos on Youtube and unfortunately I'd always end up with an error message that says "we're sorry, this video is no longer available" !

I was searching on the Internet for a solution to this problem, and didn't really find a good solution that solves it.

Fortunately, while I was browsing Youtube website I end up with a simple possible solution for this problem, it works by changing the content of your country! All what you have to do is to visit website and from there you will be able to change the content of your country! you can find this option on the upper left corner of the page. on the right side of YouTube logo there is a link to Worldwide(All)/English(US). click on the worldwide(All) link and choose other country.

For me I set my country preference to India and guess what voila!

Now try it your self and check the youtube video ;) please tell me if it works with you too ^__^

Friday, August 1, 2008

La Marina Cafe'

La Marina is one of the best restaurants out there, located in Souq Sharq just beside the small fountains. They serve variety of excellent main courses and appetizers. I would also recommend their breakfast. I love going to this restaurant in winter, while you can sit/eat outside with amazing atmosphere and beautiful view to the sea side.

Of course having the basket bread there is a must "yum yum yum" and three of their best appetizers:

1- Shrimps pastries.

2- Cheese sticks.

3- Grilled Mushroom.

and when it comes to the main dish, I am so damn addicted to 'Hamor in potato sack', they serve it with a yummy sauce a combination of melted better and lemon. it is like having this dish every time I go to La Marina cafe' at least I had it in my last 4 visits there. I may change the appetizers but never changed my main course!