Thursday, May 29, 2008

Windows 7

Microsoft lunched their new demo version OS of Windows 7 which also known as Blackcomb and Vienna. Windows 7 is expected to be released between 2009 and 2010! However I don't think it will be available before 2010 since they still focusing on the marketing of Windows Vista.
The demo version demonstrates the added features on W7 that includes multi touch interface were users can move and interact with the objects on screen!! --> which is obviously the concept and technology used in apple Iphones and their new Ipods!
W7 also included other features like virtual piano program, more advanced paint program where users can paint with their fingers, and Windows health center.

Settling with AUM

It's been a while trying to take further step toward the master degree, although I was confused between MBA and ITC, and whether to go for KMBS or AUM when it comes to MBA. I spent some time thinking and rethinking! Things started to become clear enough for me. I made up my mind and decided to enroll in AUM.
I went there for the interview, submitted the application with some other papers, and paid the registration fees. Yesterday I received a call from them to collect and sign the agreement paper and pay the enrollment deposit. I was so excited and confused at the same time! Excited because I will learn something new. Confused because MBA wasn't my first choice and still I am not sure to what would be my overall performance :(
Still I have to submit both TOEFL and GMAT. didn't schedule the exam yet! but hopefully will do it ASAP.
Joining the business school will never change or alter my interest as an IT person, I believe it will add some value to my career future as well as extending my knowledge and skills in the business filed, which may contributes later on my own business success. However, I will keep updating my self with tech every now and then! and practice what I've learned.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Super Hot & Stuffy!

The weather is driving me nuts! the only available parking was located 10 minutes walking from the parking to my office. It was unusual day, too hot and stuffy! I felt my skin burning while I was heading to my office!! although it takes only ten minutes walking, but as if it was forever!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kuwait Election - 2008

At 8:00 AM, I received a call from mom. "Yallah gomay mom said"
Mom:"My friend just called and told me to go for the voting gabl elza7ma!".
We reached there at 9:00AM and there were many cars all over the place!! and no parking at all!
Me: Ok mom what about n6eg farah thania? Ok TG said mom.
After the second round I found an empty parking just close to the voting place :)
I was checking my name in the name lists and guess what? I entered immediately to vote no queue for me. Poor mom she was standing in a long queue and I was like ha ha I am done mammy ;) I stayed with her for an hour waiting in the same queue, she was like: today is not my day!!
Other than waiting in a long queue , the weather was too hot outside which made the things even worse.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mars Retrograde

Retrograde Motion is the motion in the opposite direction in which the action is a backward motion. In our religious it was clearly mentioned that the end of the world will not be established till the sun rises from the west. Scientist believes that the backward motion was applied on Mars, and will be applied to to all planets including the earth.
An article written by Joe Rao, who writes about astronomy for New York Times.
He mentioned in his article "All the planets exhibit retrograde motion at one time or another. Ancient astronomers were unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation for it. The motion is tricky."
Read more about the Article

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shaikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah passes away

May his soul rest in peace.. Allah yer7emah ow ygamed ro7a eljana.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


It's been a while since I made my decision about having my master degree! I chose The MBA "Master of Business Administrator" among of the other degrees. Frankly speaking I am not into MBA at all! But when it comes to the Business future in Kuwait it really worth. Unlike the Computer Science or Information Technology, you wont have variety of options for your career path. You may be a tutor in Kuwait University or in other private Universities as well. but for a women living in Kuwait, it does not work at all to have other jobs other than the one I mentioned before!

I have 5 months from now to register for both exams "TOEFL and GMAT" in order to enroll in the Business School. Since I am going for the MBA I have two options, whether to join AUM the "American University of Middle east" or KMBS the "Kuwait Maastricht Business school"?

The difference between AUM and KMBS:

  • You take like 3 to 4 subjects per semester.
  • No Thesis, only project to be submitted before graduation.
  • The cost is a bit higher, (7600 KD) for the entire study.
  • You graduate within two years.
  • Both TOFEL & GMAT needed.
  • Location Augaila.


  • One subject at a time.
  • Thesis is submitted at the end of the last semester.
  • KMBS cost is a bit lower than AUM, (6900KD) as a whole.
  • You graduate after two years and a half.
  • Only TOFEL needed.
  • Location Dasma.