Saturday, December 22, 2007


From time to time it is useful to meditate, fill your room with candles, Aroma , and soft music. Relax..breath a good air.. try to forget everything and concentrate on the nature of life.. take a deep breath e x h a l e & i n h a u l.. repeat it once again. Imagine your self facing the sea side..hearing the seagull,feel the breeze.. free up your brain.. back off from your daily routine.. close your eyes..Take a deep breath... think about all your dreams .. try to reach them one by one.. imagine your self there where you can find the peace of mind..touch them.. hold them.. delete all the bad memories in one click .. imagine that there is a delete button.. start pressing this button.. delete the dark side of your past,your negative thoughts.. and restore your self with hope,energy,and bliss. Who said we can't forget? you are the master of your life and with a little of hope and faith you going to reach all your aims..all the negative feelings will vanish.. keep concentrating on the good things.. smile.. yes smile! and remember there is a better life, there is a glorious place.. with a little of courage and hope you will reach your dreams.. your life is you.. your future is you.. god gave us the brain to distinguish between the right and wrong.. choose the right path and you'll never regret. Ask god he like to hear you! ask again he like to hear you asking again, god is here he is the creator.. god is everywhere, when ever you fail remember "never giveup!" try again.

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