Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spending 5 hours trying to figure out the wepkey

I am in Bahrain now for Eid Holiday.. I came here to visit my friend who is staying and studying there. She picked me up from the airport heading back to her apartment. when we reached there I remembered something important that have to be done through the Internet! I switched my laptop on trying to connect to the Internet via her wireless connection.

Me: what is your wep key?
Bhh: emmmm... try 0123456789

Me: it does not work!!

Bhh: then try 1234567890

Me: are you sure about the wep key?

Bhh: yes it was something like that!

Me: Ohh god... please, try to remember!

Bhh: Then try 0987654321 or 9876543210

Me: Comeon both are not working!

Bhh: I am not sure I cant remember!

Me: Ok lets go out for dinner and we will try to figure it out later!

Bhh: Ok

So we went out for dinner and did some grocery shopping together.. after that we returned back to here place.
I was trying to read the manual for "net gear access point" in order to solve this bothering problem.
She offered me her laptop, but I didn't really wanna use her laptop since I have to check some important issues from my own laptop where the passwords are stored there and couldn't really memorise them!
Again to the search process but this time trying to find out a software that might retrieves her wep key. it took me more than two hours searching for the right software for the retrieval process! until I found "wireless key view" for retrieving wep key passwords!

it was free of charge, a very simple software. I did the installation on her machine. and guess what was the password? 1234567891 !!!!!!!

I couldn't stop laughing and spend the entire day repeating the numbers in a loud voice!! again and again!


  1. LOOOL well now u know your friend will never forget it

  2. 3anooda

    yeah ;)

    the minute I woke up she started counting from 1 to 9 and back to one "teasing me".

  3. loooool

    nice software.. when it happens to me I usually reset the router to default and re-enter everything ;)

  4. LooL 3ad mashalla 3leej good for techno :)i really enjoy ur updates ,keep posting;)

  5. aurous

    the problem that I wasn't able to enter through the client ip address to change netgear password from there!! it was kinda risky to reset the router since my friend laptop and the only laptop that was fully connected to the Internet. 7aram akharib 3leeha her connection :)

  6. p-ella

    thanks dear.. and yes will keep updating.

  7. عيدج مبارك
    و كل عام و انت بخير
    enshallah you have great time;)

  8. ginaviev

    wintay bkheeer O si7a O salamah :)
    Yeah we are having great time here!

    Big Pearls

    Thank you ^__^

  9. LOOOOOOOOOL don't u hate it when stuff like that happens?!!!

    yalla now enjoy ur stay in bahrain o mo tensain tybeen-lina 7alwaa ;p

    o salmaay 3ala ur friend ;p

    Have fun 7abeebti :)

  10. have a great holiday!!;p ee 3ad i love bahrain's 7alwas!! inshallah you have fun!!;p hehehehe

  11. palamino

    of course stuff like this situation drive me really insane! and yes I wont forget your 7alwa ;)
    salamich wi9al :*


    thank you dear.. yes we had lots of fun there :) except the za7ma in the malls and especially alseef mall you wont believe it! its like being in a 7aaach!

  12. You mean WEP key not 'web' :P


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