Monday, September 8, 2008

Need the timing for "3ion el7ooob"

I missed watching yesterday series "3ion el7ooob" and I've been searching through the TV channels all the day, but nothing! Asked my friends too, elee tgol ley 3 willi ygool 4!

Anyone know the exact timimng/channel?

Update: A friend of mine called 40 minutes before Fotor and told me it is showing now on Watan TV!

What about you guys, what's your favorite TV show for Ramadan?


  1. Tawa shift started around 7am and just finished. Khosh 7alqa....lots of changes happened.. ana shwaya tfaja2t....ilmohim let me check my mobile cuz i have a million reminders

    weee ;/ i dont have them...ilthahir cuz alwatan website mo 7a6en times.. ilmohim...

    fe e3ada at 4pm ish 3ela watan
    so about 6ish 3agt ilf6or its on watan plus

    b3dain the new episode is 7pm ish
    ili a3arfa ina after danderma o after wain ilgh6aya b3dain y76ona

    and check my the botto fe 2 links fehom full schedules

  2. @ 8 on wa6an T :)

    Ba3ad min 3nda il q6aya :P

  3. this Ramadan haven't been watching anything! too busy with work :/

  4. delicately realistic: Eeeee bser3a kbaraw elyahal, I was surprised too!
    The new episode at 8PM "3la el watan" ow el e3ada gabil el Fotor.
    Thanks for the full schedule link, will check it now :)

    ilsul6ana: Yes you are right :)I saw them both yesterday, one before Fotor and the new episode at 8.

    amu: Allah y3enik 3la your work!

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  6. OMG isn't that amzing woooooow!! coool post and i LOVE the pictures they are soo cooool!!


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