Saturday, September 27, 2008

Windows Live Messenger Beta Version 2009

Have you tried the new beta version Of Windows Live Messenger?

I've just downloaded it and it sounds pretty good to me.

What's new on WLMB:

1- Choose between three different picture sizes for you contacts List.

2- Add and drop contacts to a favorite contact list.

3- You can sing in to Messenger in more than one place and get instant mesegaes everywhere you're signed in.

4- A list of different builtin sounds for your messenger.

5- You can add your own signature sound "the sound your contacts hear when you sign in".

6- Automatically Scan your MSN received files for viruses.

7- Different scene for your main window.

You may notice the sound for nudge and other sound files on this new version lower than it should be. To adjust the volume for your WLMB all what you have to do is to click on your speakers volume icon on the lower right of your taskbar and then click on mixer where you will find Window Live Messenger beta under device!

update: to install the Final version 2009 build 14.0.8050.1202


  1. 2 and 3 are really great :)

    I don't like trying beta versions.. kela y3lgoon 3ndy @@

    I can't wait for the official release :)

  2. aurous

    La ma y3alig inshallah :) go for it!

  3. Totally unrelated to WLM. I like your blog layout nice work.

  4. EVERYBODY is using their mangas' everywhere! lol

  5. shosho
    Yeah ;)I noticed that!
    MANGA is now spreading very fast between people. The name itself YWANIS!

  6. thnx thnx thnx thnx so much:D *downloading*

  7. i just downloaded so thnx again but why doesn't download msn plus with it?

  8. p-elle

    You can not use MSN plus with this new messenger version! guess it will take some time until they do the updated version of MSN plus for WLM!

  9. hey was jw if u cud help iv got the 2009 version but its really annoying me at the moment coz wen i get a new message frm someone tht im tlking to and the window is minimized my taskbar icon fing wont flash it jsut makes the noise that messenger does for wen u receive a new message but the taskbar thing doesnt flash u got any ideas on what i can do?

  10. Anonymous

    You go to Option/Messages under Alerts, tick on Display Alert when a message is received. this should make the messenger icon in your task bar to flash.
    and to if you want to stop the noise when you receive a message from your contact go to Option/Sounds click on the down arrow for "New instant message" and choose "Don't a play sound".
    Don't forget to click on Apply after making your preference.
    That should make the change to your settings. However if you still face the same problem:
    1- uninstall the software and then install again.
    2- update your beta version. There is a new update for this version I've just did it yersterday.
    If you still have the same problem, let me know.

  11. I have the exactly same problem, When people speak to me and the window is minimize the icon don't flash.
    I have the option activated and i reinstall the program 3 or 4 times.
    Any idea why the icon don't flash??

  12. Psyco

    Why don't you try the latest and final version 2009 build 14.0.8050.1202 instead of beta.

    Try this link:


    As for me I am not facing this problem!

  13. I have the latest version with the 'display alert when a message is recieved' option enabled but my task bar still doesn't flash.

    Maybe it has something to do with tabbed chats in msn plus? Thats the only thing i can think of.

  14. heyy thanks for the help people especially the last comment before mine because they were right its to do with msn plus and tabbed chats because when i turned the tabbed chats off on msn plus settings my conversation icons started flashing again!! thankyou so much people :) xx

  15. btw i was the anonymous person tht first sed bout the icon not flashing fing.

  16. Amanada

    Glad to hear that you solved your problem :)
    by the way you didn't mention that you are using msn Plus!

  17. yeh oops my bad lol!!

    Anyone no if there is a compatible msn plus version fing tht works wiv it yet? if not wen someone nos cud they post a link to it on here please :) Thanks people xx

  18. thank you! i was just getting very annoyed with my windows not flashing, since i turn off the annoying noises usually i had no way of knowing if someone messaged me lol. disabled tabs and it works! lets hope they fix this quick i can't live with so many windows hogging my taks bar!

  19. This new msn is shit.

  20. Wahey!! people msn plus has been updated so it works properly now get colours and tabbed cahts and all that back again i dunno wot the link is for it but coz i had the plus installed it came up with the lil message sayin a msn plus update is now avalible just clik it wen it comes up and you wil hav all the good old msn plus functions back!! :D xx

  21. I need help i can;t sign in on wlm 2009 because it tells me to update te the newest version of wlm i click yes and tells me windows live mesenger could not download and verify the update file. Would u like to visit dhe website? i say yes and page want'load page load error.
    Please someone help me with this problem thanks

  22. Anony

    write down the link for the update?

  23. Technogal

    I'm with this same problem. The link for the update is The problem is when you click to download.

    Thx for your help

  24. i downloaded the latest version yesterday since it said wanna download latest version or whatever when i signed in. i did all this and i couldnt sign in, and it had the wrong password listed for my sign in for some reason, seems quite a few people (not here) are having this problem anyway i tryed several fixs from people but not been able to get it working. perhaps has to do with NVIDIA conflict or something. not sure, i gave up after several hours trying to fix it. it came up with the wacomm Error message.

  25. Hey, can someone help me??? i can't change my scene,
    im missing this "Use the default scene" and "choose a scene from the list below"

  26. Anonymous

    did you check the drop down menu? Tools/Change your scene?

  27. ya i tried it thousand times, i already downloaded it again, but it still doesn't work

  28. Hey guys i figured it out, i can't change my scene if i have msn plus live....what sucks

  29. I can hardly hear the nudge sound on Live Messenger - the new version. What should I do plz?

  30. Up til recently every time I get a new message it pops up and becomes the active window and interrupts whatever i was doing. How can i fix this? please help. thanks in advance


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