Sunday, September 21, 2008

We got a visitor we got a Little Monkey

Little Monkey discovering & wondering

My sis came yesterday carrying a yellow cage with her.. I was wondering is it a dog or cat? Guess what was inside it? an adorable little Monkey!!! it was a gift for my cousin who is in deep love with animals. She purchased it through the Internet and got it released from the customs yesterday. So the Monkey stayed for two day at our house because she wanted to make some medical test/checkup to make sure that he is in a good condition. and to get him some clothes and stuff before sending him to their house.
The best part that we were trying to let him wear the diaper while making sure not to hurts his tail.. looool we made a small hole to get his tail out of the diaper!!

Emmm.. do I have to wear this!

Today early morning and before going to my work, I wanted to check on him, he was totally sad and scared :( I stayed playing with him for couple of minutes and while I was leaving the room he started screaming and shouting!!!! He didn't really want me to leave as he was feeling lonely! but I had no choice since I was almost late for my work. When I came back from work I found him sleeping tight holding the towel innocently! Litttle monkey you've been missed

Ohh yeah Banan is my favorite


  1. take some pics and set him free... I dont like animals being locked!

  2. amu
    Don't worry.. my sis already gave it to my cousin and they kept him in an open place so he is almost free.

  3. did the monkey peel the banana??????????

  4. Wanasa :D cute!
    I love animals :)

  5. seatlle dude
    Nop, we did it for him!

    7ada cute :)

  6. allah!! i've always wanted a monkey!!!

  7. Flamingoliya

    :) He acts like a human baby!

  8. OPs!! i finally saw the pics :D

  9. LOL... a pet monkey huh? my dad's friend had one and they loved him to death! i forgot what his name was... did you name your monkey?

  10. amu
    They didn't show up yesterday!?

    I didn't name him as it was a gift for my cousin :( and he only stayed for two days with us.

  11. oh so innocent and im hungry i want to eat him:( jk :P gosh 7dda innocent cute 3ad take a good care of the monkey:)

  12. ♥ P-Ella ♥
    of course.. la twa9eeen 7areee9.

  13. awwwwwwwwwww i always wanted a monkey!!;p awwwwwwwwww i love monkeys!!;p hehehe

  14. I hope it's not as crazy as the one at zouq el hamam!! That thing nearly scratched my butt when I turned around!! :(

  15. 2twentythree3

    No he wont do that! at least not with the butt looool!
    besides he was cute and shy :)


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