Saturday, September 20, 2008

Improvement on Windows Live Hotmail

New Features/enhancement will be added to improve Windows Live Hotmail "Wave 3". Microsoft announced that there will be an exciting changes to Hotmail within the next upcoming weeks and before the end of 2008.
The most important improvement:

- Up to 70 percent faster to sign in and see your email.

- Powerful technology to protect against spams/viruses/scams.

- Cleaner Design.

- New themes/colors.

- The ability to IM from hotmail.
- More storage space that automatically grow with you depending on your needs.



    shakla il new features r gona be so cool!

  2. I guess Hotmail has now become part of my daily life...I cant live without checking my emails or logging on messenger :) Their new features always make me hate them though cuz I am so used to the old look :D

  3. hotmail became such a phenomenon. I appreciate the older designs since it was so simple, and fast. it just irritates me sometimes when pages have too much crap to load.

  4. palmonio
    I hope so :) 70% faster is an awesome speed percentage. besides it would be cool to have different themes for the email interface.

    I noticed many people hate the new features :) even my sis she didn't accept the new look for Hotmail. But why not I find it much better compared to the old hotmail. Like for example when you write an email, adding contact to the list is very simple, I only write the first letter and hotmail do the rest! maybe you are using the classical version which I find it bothering with it slow speed!
    other feature I liked about the new interface is that you don't have to download the attachment, specially for videos where I can watch them from the email itself with the video preview button.

    Seattle dude
    as I said to amu.. I guess you are not using the full Hotmail version! and instead you are using the classical view.

  5. wow thats gona be great one for hotmail :) thnx for update girl


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