Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a hectic day!

You know this feeling when you have to wake up the next day in the early morning to start your first day at work after Ramadan and Eid holiday, while you still didn't programmed your self for the new timing!
It was almost 1 Am when I entered my room, preparing my self to sleep early *lol* in order to wake up early!
I turned on the TV and logged into the Internet before sleeping.. As I was not feeling sleepy at all! 15 minutes later I decided to sleep and force my self to do so.
I switched off everything in the room (laptop,TV,Lights) as I was so worried not skip my work the next day! 20 minutes later between trying to sleep and checking the time every 5 minutes. I decided to log on again! I felt deplorably bad and alerted, why the hell I am not able to sleep? 15 minutes later I turned on the TV too! and decided to watch gossip girl! I thought the idea of watching the TV would make me fall asleep. I spent the entire time between watching the TV, reading through the blogs, and playing Isketch. Ohh god it was 3 AM what's up with me!!! I have to sleep I have to sleep I have to sleep, I kept repeating those words! again I turned everything off. I also started counting the sheep! I remembered once at my childhood, my aunt told me if you are not able to sleep, close your eyes and imagine a flock of sheep jumping over a fence while counting the number that do so. it just like something that tire the eyes which also simulate rapid eye movement.
While I was counting the sheep, I felt my eyes blinking whenever a sheep jumps.. it wasn't funny at all! The time was passing and didn't know what to do.. shall I stay awake until work time? am I going to function well without sleeping!!! by the way what's the longest time you've gone without sleep?
Again I ended up continue watching gossip girl until 5 AM, and that was the last time I checked on my watch.
At 6 AM I felt my head exploding, it was my wake up alarm. I used my cell phone and hit snooze about three times until I wake up.
It was a long busy day at work... however, spending only 60 minutes while sleeping.. wasn't that bad after all :)
Now the worst part that I am still awake :) I don't feel sleepy at all! sounds weird but I just cant sleep at this time and never did before!


  1. ok u werent feeling sleepy ,does that mean you were kinda afraid or exciting something? @@
    oh gosh lee am mo naymaa ,jeeesh ! i bet after working,you'll sleep at noon @@
    9j 5n al3ab isketch, it's the game that makes me sleepy:P i play it everynight when i try to force myself sleeping so isketch is the only way:P

  2. I can't not sleep. I've never wa9alt or stayed up for 24 hours ;p

    Your sleeping pattern will adjust itself eventually :)

  3. aawww tell me about it. ive been battling with insomnia for the past 3 years and i finally managed to give myself a system and settle into it then ramadhan showed up. now i sleep at 7 am and wake up between 1 pm and 4 pm.

    im supposed to be going to work at some point to finish off my leaving paperwork and just show my face around. also need to take my car for service. i woke up at 130pm today. so i went to the gym for three hours today. lets see if it works

  4. I have a very similar problem, one thing that i've tried is to pick out a day to start a new cycle: wake up for work, stay awake, EXHAUST yourself at the gym (around 8), have a good meal, then crash... that ought to do it

  5. p-ella
    I wasn't afraid :) well.. it takes me some time to get used to the new timing!
    if you remember your post about isketch? Imagine, didn’t stop playing isketch since the day I read it!

    I hope so (**,)

    Ohh god Allah y3eenich.. I was hoping and convincing myself it was not insomnia! It has been a while now since I traveled and during the last few days of Ramadan, sleeping late and waking up early. Guess aurous was right.. it just my sleeping pattern!
    and yes tell me if it works with you/gym?

    Seattle dude
    will start working on my new cycle.. thanks dude :)

  6. I don't remember the longest time I stayed without sleep but I do remember the longest time of continuous sleep. It was 23 hours from 6 p.m till 3 p.m next day :)

  7. anony
    23 hours! It seemed you didn't sleep well (``,) or maybe didn't sleep at all the day beofre that day!

  8. Ya I didn't sleep the night before at all. I had exams and stayed on all night. I came back home after the exam and slept for 23 consecutive hours.

  9. In all of you I am a baby then...when the clock strikes 12am my eyes dont dare to even open to look at the watch,hehe

  10. amu
    then it's time to bed amu ;) it's almost 12!Sleeping at 12 is not early though.

  11. the same prob her sis!!;p ana i can't sleep until the clock strikes 5:00 i sleep one hour and then go to school!!;p and i have these black bagy stuff under my eyes!!;p

  12. I used to stay up all night studying for exams..can't do it anymore.

  13. meemzz
    Only one hour! one hour is not enough! you have to sleep at least 7 is not good for your health!

    big pearls
    Il7imdillah I am done now.. I can sleep well allover again :)

  14. umbeeeeeeeeeh wala that happens to me a lot!! :X

    I hate waking up il 9b7 o going to work ;(

    longest time i've gone without sleep is hmmmm 24hrs!

  15. What are u waiting for? 3eed or Christmas to post? :P

  16. amu & palomino

    I've been busy lately with the University.. since we've started our first semester at AUM.
    Hopefully will post soon ^__^


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