Thursday, September 4, 2008

The first four days of Ramadan

It has been 4 days now since the Holy month started. I was not expecting Ramadan this year to be that easy! Although it comes earlier this year in summer with unbelievable humidity, I didn't really feel that tire during those days. The only bothering issue was the unusual traffic! Ohh god I really hate it! Its not only in the mornings it's just like 24/7!

Not to mention the roads 5 minutes before “Maghrib Athan”, where people drive really crazy to reach their destination. it's like being in 5 minutes race with cars at a minimum driving speed of 120 kph !

Why the speed racer? It is with no harm if you leave 15 minutes earlier!

Another minor bothering issue got to do with my morning coffee!! It's like starting the day with a car without fuel! being weak at work between feeling sleepy and not really functioning/concentrating!


Speaking of coffee, Coffee Republic ”one of the best known and largest independent espresso bar brands in the UK” opened their first branch last month at the Universal Tower, located in Aldarwaza, Ahmed Aljaber Street. T:2497230/1. They also start delivery to near by companies in Sharq area.


  1. i went out today at 8:30pm, the road was clear, and because of that, crazy drivers were just CRAZY to the extent that i wished the road was crowded!

    where is Universal Tower?

  2. I am happy that I am driving to Sulaibiya for work so the road going and coming is not that busy...

    I so need to try Coffee Republic even though I never had warm drink incl coffee and tea but I love their deserts but these days after fa6oor I am just so not in the mood to eat more :D

    Flamingo: Universal tower is across the traffic light from BKME bank in Kuwait city :)

  3. oh gosh i havent been out for awhile.I bet the reason of having traffics is for buying clothes for Eid dont ya think?

    Can't wait to grab CR !

  4. flamingoliya: Yeah.. both ways crazy!

    amu: You better try their coffee :)

    ♥ P-Ella ♥: Well.. Maybe! as for today I didn't notice to much cars on the road!!

  5. just think about how the traffic will be when all the schools start...


  6. hehe I dont even know whats going outthere:P

    Seatle Dude:
    arrrgh school days

  7. oh the traffic.. i think by the end of ramadan i'll be having maaaaany white streaks in my hair! or i'll stay at home after fu6oor to avoid them ;p


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