Saturday, April 25, 2009

Zain 6th Carnival

Today I went to  Kuwait exhibition at Mishrif - Hall 8. It was Zain's 6th Carnival which started on the 23th of April and will be going until the 2nd of May 2009. They have lots of great deals.. Zain Prepaid e-GO2GO was given for free! it comes with a prepaid card of KD 1.5 and additional KD 1.5 in the sim card.  the offer didn't last for long it started from the morning until 3 PM and unfortunately I missed the offer! They also offer gold numbers for free! I took a cooler for my Laptop since whenever I had a laptop it suffers from heat issue!

Other participating Partners:

EZGRT they provide skins with different design for Blackberry, iphone, iPod, and Laptop. for more info click here.

Tawassel  for SMS Prepaid Card along with a database for telephone numbers debanding on the city you choose. More info

mtg Mobile Telecome Group, for flexible Business solution. More info


  1. i can see Bu Qutadah! heheh ;p

    i'm happy when i get freebies, even if its useless stuff.. but in your case they're very useful enjoy them ;)


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