Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blackberry Storm 9500 User Guide

Blackberry Storm 9500 User Guide PDF File
You can check also Blackberry Smartphone User Guide Graphical presentation "Demo"


  1. I've read a few reviews about the Blackberry Storm and it seems its a bit of a let down and doesn't really live up to the hype.Looks awesome though!

  2. oh yeah I remember there was a girl beside me in the class she has that blackberry but I didn't like the look.

  3. Mix & Another-Penelope

    I didn't like it too! but recently a friend of mine purchased the new Blackberry.. I don't recall from where but what I know that they didn't give her the user guide in English, as they only have it in German, imagine!!
    I searched for it on the Internet, and thought of sharing it here :)
    Although I am not a big fan of Sony Ericsson's mobile, I am so interested and waiting for the new Idou just for the 12 MP Cam!

  4. why is everybody in love with this fone!

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