Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wok Master

I was checking the blogs at the University in my break... Until I reached Ansam's post about Wok Master. The Chinese box captured my attention! & the Singaporean Noodles too.
I was starving to death at that time, waiting patiently for the lecture to end.
On my way back to home I called the restaurant and ordered Prawn on Toast, Veg Fried Rice, and Veg Singaporean Noodles. It was a good choice from a good restaurant.
Thanks Ansam :)


  1. 3alaich bil 3afya ..

    i LOVE me Wok mastder ;)

  2. Anony
    Allah y3afek :)

    :) eee 7adah


    Big Pearls
    Allah y3afeech :P

  3. bel3afia :-D hahaha there is another related post by Web Weaver!

    Click Here to check her postTara ana kharaboo when it comes to food hehehehe bes I am glad you liked it ;-)

  4. LooooooooL.. Allah y3afeeech.
    Ansam kathrai men those posts ;) I am kinda bored from the typical restaurant!!


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