Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bumptop desktop organizer

Bumptop is a pretty awesome desktop organizer :) you will have a 3 dimentional view for your desktop where you can play with your own objects (Pictures, Shortcuts, Stickynotes) and drop them anywere you want, to the wall/on the floor. You can also sort a group of items into a pile, resize your objects, and search for a file name on your desktop. Click on the picture to see a closer view. Download Bumptop.

Source Engadget


  1. oh gosh thanks so much for sharing ^_^

  2. looks really nice :)

  3. That looks so cool :D...will download it on company pc first thing 2morrow morning :)

    Got a bunch of (nosy) questions for ya:

    1. What's filezilla?

    2. What did you get from Victoria's Secret? ;p ;p

    3. What application is that 4 leaf clover icon for?

    4. Who are you gonna kill?

  4. Nemo
    The software will support touch screen laptops, which Microsoft is working on.

    You are welcome :*

    Yes.. especially when you have some pics for Edge hanged on the wall :)


    Your questions are always welcome ^__^

    1- Filezilla is an FTP client where you can manage,edit,delete,transfer your website contents/files remotly in a better and faster way from your computer to your website.

    2- I bought Tinted Lip Balm,Nourishing Body Wash + lotion, Refreshing Body Mist,Poplin sleep pant, and Embroidered dress :)

    3- The clover icon is not an application, it is a simple pic which I really like.

    4- Someone who got on my nerves :(

  5. Wow, this looks so much better than the boring standard Windows desktop.
    Definitely downloading it ! Thanks !

  6. Looks great! ..
    although I'd assume it slows the computer down with lags? If not then it's genius!.. I'm gonna download it anyways and give it a try thanks :)


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