Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Careful from spybot worm!!

To all Messenger users

There is a worm with a very high level of risk spreading over your contact list on messenger. You will be receiving an instant message from one of your contacts that looks like a friendly message: "u'r foto?? haha ;) http://msngallery.net/image.php=(your contact name).com" DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!! This link contain an executable file with high risk worm which called "W32.spybot.worm".
The moment you accept this file the it will infect your PC and spread all over your contacts!!
It makes your msn messenger looks so messy. and then freeze for a while and halt.
Each user on your messenger contacts list will receive the same message from you!!
The moment you click on the link you'll be receiving this message.

Any simple Antivirus would discover this worm and remove it.


  1. there's a similar one circulating in facebook

  2. yeah..u get a message from one of your friends saying they have spotted you in this video and a link is given...I have never clicked on the link so i have no idea if it's the exact same one as you mentioned here


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