Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wataniya Airways

Wataniya Airways will lunch their first flight on Feb 8,2009 from Kuwait International Airport to their first distination Dubai. "Wataniya Airways is the first full service airline of its kind to be launched in the past several years, and will offer an unrivalled experience combining new levels of comfort and luxury to all its passengers, in the air and on the ground; the Wataniya experience will begin the moment you arrive at the airport. an initial fleet of 2 new A320 aircraft and comfort will be assured with only 122 seats per plane with unparalleled leg room and space to relax. No other plane of this size offers so much room and comfort throughout the aircraft and we will have the lowest seating density on an A320 compared with all other scheduled airlines in the world".


  1. u removed the Nawal Playlist! :/
    3ad im not a big fan bs 3jebatny ghnyat 'khed3a' i've been listening to it from ur blog ;p

    i'd like to try this airline :)

  2. atoona
    Afa 3leech al7een aredhom :)
    Me too I like her song Khed3a and specially the music when it starts raw3a!

    I heared that Wataniya Airways will have their own airport but I don't recall the name!

  3. awww.. thats sweet!
    bs etha malaitay 3ady i'll download it, excuse my lazyness :P

    their own airport?! Wow thats big!

  4. Lets see how it goes when they launch it :) good luck to them!

    btw the recipe didnt work ;/

  5. atoona
    Thanks ;)

    you probably didn't mix the ingredient well enough!

  6. Hi,
    just would like to mention that it wont be a new airport, it is a new terminal within the existing airport.

  7. dali

    Ohh! I thought there will be a new airport! anyways thanks for the information!


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