Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shower time

What's your favorite shower gel?

I've been using Radox Shower gel lately.. The Shea Butter nouireshd shower gel smelt quite relaxing.. As I squeezed a clod of shower cream out into my hand the scent that buffed up from it was lovely, It moisturizes your body & completely relaxes u! Unfortunatily I didn't found it here in Kuwait! It is available in the UK and while I was in Bahrain I found it in one of the supermarket "Almontazah", I wish I would've brought a suitcase full back to Kuwait.


  1. I don't have a favourite... but I usually go for the one that smells best :)

  2. i like the gels in Marks and Spencer .. =D
    but any gel with a nice smell will do =p

  3. sjjjjjjjjjjjjjj it's nice??
    ana a7ib victoria secret ;D

  4. I use Dream from GAP, mo mawjood belekwet
    bashteree malech from Bahrain ajarba :)
    أسواق المنتزه هذا نفس جمعية؟ وين مكانه؟

  5. Aurous
    smells best & freash :)

    libero anima
    Is it good..didn't try their shower gels before!

    Yes It is :P 3ajeeb O Ydawikh ;)

    There is a big mall very close to your University.. inside the mall there is a super market.. I don't recall the name! but I think this is agrab wa7da 3leech :) Jarbeeeeh Wayeeed 7eloo "but don't use it in Bahrain ;) maihom ma yar`3i!!!


  6. good u asked the question :p
    la2na i dont like mine

  7. the mens shower gel mal body shop

    uuufffff uuuufffff - tabi takleeh ili yista3malah - gumt ana ba3ad asta3milah - LOOOOOL

  8. Nemo

    May I know which kind you use? ;)


    Rafegat el MBA so do I..specially when it smells fresh..and I can tell how it tastes ;)

  9. naser m

    Indeed.. they have good collection of shower gels :)


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