Thursday, December 18, 2008

NAZ Restaurent

I found this Persian Restaurant while I was searching for home delivery service through the Kuwait Paper Dump blog "A blogger who stores scrap papers and transfer them to his blog into digital form"

Well done Paper Dumper your blog helped a lot!

The food was excellent.. hot/fresh/and tasty..I had the khorest-e Ghomeh Sabdzi & Baghali Polo Rice. It took them only 15 minutes to deliver the food!

For more info visit NAZ


  1. bl 3afia :p

    o ya i agree paper dump is so helpful :)

  2. bel 3afeya :D

    I wanted to try Naz yesterday but a couple of my friends told me that they got sick from the Sabdzi so we went to BABAK instead :)

    I'll be trying it soon enshallah since it's opening near our house :D

  3. Aurous

    Allah y3afeech.

    Ohh god sick??! me il7imdillah nothing happened to me :) the food was good.. twakelay 3la Allah and try it, you wont get sick!

  4. Neoark

    I was totally hungry that day didn't think of taking pics for the food!
    Next time when I order from this restaurant will add some pics to the same post :)

  5. Thanks Technogal. Glad you found Kuwait Paper Dump useful. If you have any comments, problems, suggestions, or paper you'd like to put on the site, please send them our way :)

  6. I so wanna try it... keep hearing good reviews. And I also love KTPD... good work and lots of effort :-)

  7. Ansam

    Yes you should try it :)
    Thank you dear.


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