Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vaseline Cocoa butter

I've been using Vaseline Cocoa butter for a while now..and I really like it. Amazingly it melts inside the skin and smooths away dullness.
Vaseline made and excellent change when they add Cocoa Butter to their product line! I remember once I was searching for a good cocoa & shea butters lotion online, and coincidently I found an ad to Vaseline "Cocoa butter" new product range.. I didn't find it here in Kuwait at that time, so I called Sultan center as usual and asked them to bring it! Within a week they call me back and told me that they only received the lotion. and since that day they started to provide more quantities for sell.
The one I am using now is the cocoa butter deep conditioning lotion, still didn't try/not yet available the smoothing body butter, and the vitalizing Gel body oil of the same range.


  1. Cloudy Stars

    have you tried the lotion or the cream? cause el lotion khaafeef.. the skin absorbs it very fast!

  2. the da3aya of it is constatnly playin on tv, i shud try it.. a7ess its handy for the winter season :)

    oh btw WB and hope u studied well =)

  3. Yes try it 7adah khafeef "el lotion" and tell me what do you think about it? :)

    Thanks Dear... Yes I am done with my finals exams il7imdillah ^__^ and I did well.

  4. I use Vaseline Intensive care and so far I am happy with it!

  5. I hav a dark skin an hav being using it for a while now but honestly is jus great an am loving it


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