Friday, August 1, 2008

La Marina Cafe'

La Marina is one of the best restaurants out there, located in Souq Sharq just beside the small fountains. They serve variety of excellent main courses and appetizers. I would also recommend their breakfast. I love going to this restaurant in winter, while you can sit/eat outside with amazing atmosphere and beautiful view to the sea side.

Of course having the basket bread there is a must "yum yum yum" and three of their best appetizers:

1- Shrimps pastries.

2- Cheese sticks.

3- Grilled Mushroom.

and when it comes to the main dish, I am so damn addicted to 'Hamor in potato sack', they serve it with a yummy sauce a combination of melted better and lemon. it is like having this dish every time I go to La Marina cafe' at least I had it in my last 4 visits there. I may change the appetizers but never changed my main course!

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