Friday, August 29, 2008

No More Blocking! Enjoy Surfing!

With AOL 9.1 "browser & multi purpose application", you can surf the web openly without any restriction! and I mean it when I said openly!!!

You wont be facing all those ridiculous blocking! I mean come on it isn't about porno! It is all about our right to view/enter any website on the Internet!

AOL turns to be much faster than any other browser. With a user friendly interface like AOL you will have the choice to choose between different features. AOL setting that include (Themes, Voice greeting for variety of famous characters , Background wallpaper, and many other options). It is like having different application in one software! Application that includes XM & AOL Radio, Personal Email,Browser, blog,IM, Anti viruses, Videos,RSS, and many more.

In order to use AOL application you have to register for a Screen name and a Password. Remember without the screen name and the password you wont be able to surf the web openly not even if you signed on as a guest!

Note that AOL 9.1 only compatible with Windows operation system, AOL 9.1 is not yet available for Mac OS, Unix, or Linux.
To download AOL 9.1 Click Here
AOL frequently asked question


  1. The browser looks really nice! I am so gonna install it ... does it makes the window run low? I am already having issues with my new HP laptop :S

  2. amu: It does consumes a little bit of your OS overall resources. But it doesn't affect your windows performance!
    Since you are having issues with your HP laptop, I suggest that you install/try it and then decide whether to keep it or uninstall it :)

  3. good point; I will try that...can u imagine I graduated in computer science and my IT skills are nearly zero now...thanks to the jobs I always moved in and with the way it goes in Kuwait! I feel sad though at times but this is life I guess!

  4. amu: Woow really? That's cool :)
    Well.. The thing is that you have to practise what you've learned.
    But frankly speaking? What we've learned from the University got nothing to do with that! Its kinda more to be like a hobby, something you love to do!
    Ya3ni all what I've studied in IT were something really different and I didn't fulfill what I've learned yet in real life practise! Imagine?!!
    As you said "Thanks to the jobs!"

  5. It is cool...It has been my all time favorite subject as you never get enough of it! but even now when I look back at why I learned I feel like I am a memories have got a complete format :D

  6. amu: You better install your memory! ^__^

  7. Its an old system and the memory is not awailable :D

  8. Thank you very much. I've install it on my PC, and I am enjoying it!

  9. that's soo amazing i'm soo gonna install it o0 i'm gonna tell my sis she's soo gonna like it!!;)

  10. i've been using flock since i started blogging and such.. ever tried it?

    oh yeah, hello there fellow tech junkie :p

  11. meemzz: Hope both of you gonna enjoy it! :)

    Seattle dude: Oh yeah I am using it on my MBA Laptop :)
    Flock is a neater version of Mozilla FireFox, really useful for blogging since it integrates with other online services and creates blog entry.
    Also when it comes to speed it is the best browser ever!


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