Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today we had our first MBA event presented by: Chuck Johnson, Director of Master's and Executive Programs - Purdue University. The event started at 6:00 PM, Jawa Ballroom, Palms Hotel and ended at 8:30PM.

The event was so organized, AUM employee and the event organizers were very kind and really helpful, everything was just perfect. It's just that you have the feeling of comfort while you are siting there. There were 150 registered/attendance for the MBA program that will be starting in October 2008. Each 5 students are preselected and grouped in a table with their names in stands. Each person is given a red rose with a bag that contains the MBA program Handbook, T-shirt with AUM logo, files with our names engraved on the box+ pen and a CD.

The event started with Johnson demonstrating the MBA program and answering each student questions. Fahad Al-Othman continued the speech after Johnson. He started with the Kunafa story ;) which was really exciting along with a real Kunafa given to each attendance. It was a cool event a mixture of orientation, socializing and humor.


  1. Allah yewafgch enshallah :)

    but why are they giving a rose? :s

  2. Thanks amu ^__^

    Why rose? emmm, it would be a message of celebration or expression of intimate relationship between AUM members and the students %)

  3. nice one but may i ask, is it m3taref el AUM?

  4. P-Ella

    As a university AUM already got the approval from the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait.

    However AUM will not be accredited until they graduate their first batch of students.

    No worries :) as this is an educational standards which applies on any newly opened University In order to be officially recognized.

  5. hi,
    i would like to know if AUM is acredited internationally? if yes then which countries exactly ? and did any of MBA students graduate yet? plz reply A.S.A.P it would be very useful thanx alot

  6. Anony

    AUM is in affiliation with Purdue University "U.S.A". the University wont be accredited unless it graduates it's first batch. This is normal with any newly opened universities.. We are the first batch of Oct 2008. You can check with the ministry of higher education of your country to get further information on accreditation. The first batch will hopefully graduate on July 2010.

  7. what happens to THIS "FIRST BATCH" after they graduate and before it is accredited?

  8. The first batch will be officially accredited when they graduate :)

  9. hi..
    so let me get this straight..well when the first batch of students graduate, is their degree going to be accredited? or not?

  10. opps sorry thought u didnt get my comment..thanks alot ..that was very useful:)

  11. hi..ur web is not clear..what are the requirements to be accepted in MBA programme?

  12. what's not clear :) you mean text color or what?

    Bachelor degree of course ;)
    TOEFL 550
    3 Recommendation letter from your work/University
    filling the application
    Work experience
    Interview with AUM

    Guess that's it!


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