Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Youtube Video problem solution " we're sorry, this video is no longer available. "

I noticed recently that many people al around the world are experiencing some difficulties to play a video on Youtube. I faced the same problem as well! it happened to me when I tried to play different videos on Youtube and unfortunately I'd always end up with an error message that says "we're sorry, this video is no longer available" !

I was searching on the Internet for a solution to this problem, and didn't really find a good solution that solves it.

Fortunately, while I was browsing Youtube website I end up with a simple possible solution for this problem, it works by changing the content of your country! All what you have to do is to visit http://www.youtube.com/ website and from there you will be able to change the content of your country! you can find this option on the upper left corner of the page. on the right side of YouTube logo there is a link to Worldwide(All)/English(US). click on the worldwide(All) link and choose other country.

For me I set my country preference to India and guess what voila!

Now try it your self and check the youtube video ;) please tell me if it works with you too ^__^


  1. wow now that is something new :D

    I never faced that problem but let me try to do it with the video that u have mentioned!

  2. i called Qnet and they did something change my ip or something i guess i was getting the same ip even when rebooting the router, anyway its working

  3. Whenever i get that msg i refresh the page and stm it works, stms not..so thanks for the tip D

    I get frustrated when i get the message that goes sth like: This video is not available in your country.

    i;ll try the same thing and see if it works for that msg as well :D

  4. amu
    Lucky you :) as for me I was not able to watch youtube video neither at work nor at home! the same error message kept appearing :(
    but the moment I changed the country contents the error msg stopped showing! it just works fine with me.

    good to hear that changing your IP address with Qnet solves the problem.

    Hope it'll solves your problem as well ^__^

  5. gr8 thnx so much cuz it happend to me lately but by ur tips really helped me and it works thnx :D i chose australia

  6. totally worked. Both me and my sister were having this problem. Thanks for the fix!


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