Sunday, August 10, 2008

Start surfing the web back from 1996

You can extract the archived website by what they call it the way back machine at Now this is really awesome! You can go back in time and look at a website for example back on 2002, or 1996. You can attempt to gather valuable information for the website. for instance all what you have to do is to enter a specific website name (yahoo, hotmail, blogs, companies, etc..) and choose the archived date from the list to see what that site used to look like! Sometimes people accidentally post information on their website, maybe information about their employee. their extensions, maybe email address. If they remove those information from the website you can check them up by the way back machine. bottom line When something is published on the Internet they may be there for ever! 2004 2005 1997


  1. That was really interesting, congratulations for the blog & hope to see more activities in the near future!
    Am NASR from Sweden/Stockholm.

  2. Nssr2
    Thanks :) and welcome to my blog.

  3. wow thats something new and interesting! thanks for sharing...

  4. I am sure the technology hasn't stopped so why have your posts :D we need new post :)

  5. meemzz

    it is :)
    and by the way love your nick name ^__^ I used to have the same nick name before!

  6. @@
    omg, this is so kool! its like a memory album for the internet!
    thx 4 sharing =)


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