Monday, July 21, 2008

Nokia E71

I needed a new mobile and wasn't really sure which one to choose! I was checking in the Internet for new mobiles, and checking some other blogs for people reviews. I found a post on Marks blog about the E71, and started reading through the review/comments. Most of the reviews for Nokia E71 clearly states the important functions/options that have to be in nowadays mobile . I went to FCC yesterday to check the E71. it looks pretty cool, in fact, the E71 is much smaller and thinner than what I saw in the Internet! it costs 159KD with a year and half warranty from FCC.

I am lovin' it ^__^

Update Fast Review

First of all, and as I mentioned the E71 looks much better in reality! much slimmer and smaller. Unlike other Nokia's series, the E71 has it full qwerty standard keyboard. You'll be using your both thumbs while typing, but the only bothering issue is the keyboard keys-> small/closed to each others, in which you may accidentally hit other letters while text messaging or blogging!

The most important thing is the battery. With WiFi and bluetooth turned on, still you have a good amount of battery savage.
The E71 comes with Micro SD 2GB memory card. it has many means of connectivity "USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, modem, infrared".

Also there is two type of notes. The normal note and the active notes, where you can add insert object to your notes such as " image, sound/video clip,file, etc.." and send it normally via MSG/MM/EM/BT or link it to a call " by adding a contact name to the note, to show your note during a call".

New Features from Nokia:

1- Predictive text input: This feature enable text predicting"Autocompelet word", when you start typing it completes your word with the proper matching word.
2- Switch mode button: you can choose/switch between two different screens, each containing different list depending on your needs.

Overall the E71 is an excellent phone at least the best from Nokia!


  1. Plz review it for me ;> im waiting for the white steel one !

  2. mabrook....I heard its really good but not my type cuz I text alot while typing too so I went for the E90 :)

  3. delicately realistic

    I will update you with my review Insha'a Allah :)

  4. amu

    Allah Ybarik feek :)
    Mabrook to you too for the E90.

  5. sorry typing = driving :P didnt notice that before,hehe

  6. Predictive text input has always been there but I guess the split screen is a great feature :) I am glad ur enjoying it :)

  7. cool blog :)
    i have E61i, i like E71, i would like to buy it, but mayta 3ala iphone G3 akthar!!

    will it ever work here!?

  8. Flamingoliya

    Thank you :)

    Hopefully the 3G IPhone will work here one day! as soon as they find/reach the unblocking method it will spread all over the net, and so you will be able to unlock it!


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