Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sushi Club

I just love Japanese food and like to try different Japanese restaurant from time to time. I remember how so addicted I was to Maki!! and how crazy I was about it! SUSHI紙CLUB is another Japanese restaurant which serve excellent Japanese food. I've been trying different dishes lately. and I end up with 3 favorite dishes.

1- Prawn Crisp Cuts.

2- Prawns noodles.

3- Mix Seafood Fried Rice.


  1. even though i am not into japanese food but the way u have written it sounds so yummy. . .bil3afiya :)

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  3. sorry about the duplication in happened cuz i was posting the coments from my mobile..I know thats how much I am addicted to blogging :D

  4. I can tell how you are addicted to blogging ;)
    You don't have to be sorry dude, it always happens.


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