Thursday, May 1, 2008


It's been a while since I made my decision about having my master degree! I chose The MBA "Master of Business Administrator" among of the other degrees. Frankly speaking I am not into MBA at all! But when it comes to the Business future in Kuwait it really worth. Unlike the Computer Science or Information Technology, you wont have variety of options for your career path. You may be a tutor in Kuwait University or in other private Universities as well. but for a women living in Kuwait, it does not work at all to have other jobs other than the one I mentioned before!

I have 5 months from now to register for both exams "TOEFL and GMAT" in order to enroll in the Business School. Since I am going for the MBA I have two options, whether to join AUM the "American University of Middle east" or KMBS the "Kuwait Maastricht Business school"?

The difference between AUM and KMBS:

  • You take like 3 to 4 subjects per semester.
  • No Thesis, only project to be submitted before graduation.
  • The cost is a bit higher, (7600 KD) for the entire study.
  • You graduate within two years.
  • Both TOFEL & GMAT needed.
  • Location Augaila.


  • One subject at a time.
  • Thesis is submitted at the end of the last semester.
  • KMBS cost is a bit lower than AUM, (6900KD) as a whole.
  • You graduate after two years and a half.
  • Only TOFEL needed.
  • Location Dasma.


  1. well, i am a graduate of KMBS by the way! however, my advise would be this way: yes, my degree helped me alot. even beyond what i was really expecting in terms of career path and advancements. but as a person who is currently involved in lots of academic works and relations ( i.e alumni, phd preparation, academic contacts, etc) i noticed that the number of MBAs in Kuwait is increasing dramatically in a crazy way...this leads me to decide to go to phd though i was against it because i felt this is the way you differentiate yr self than MBA now became in Kuwait a very very normal practice.. it seems you are IT perosn, if i were you i would go for IT master digree.. this is the only way you could be different than others..our market is now saturated with MBA graduates..i would suggest you visit ministry of planning, take latest statistics of number of MBAs and compare it with number of people who have Master in IT and you will understand what am talking about..i believe you are mistaken when you thought this only will turn you a teacher in one of the universities..i dont think so.. a candidate with a master degree in IT and a candidate with bachelor degree in IT in comparison for a job as a CIO ( chief IT officer) what do you think? will they choose bachelor or master candidate? ok, lets be less enthusiastic and replace CIO with IT director? who will be in favor? not to mention salary difference?? i apologise for my extensive comment but i felt i should clearly state my point. i also felt that you did not investigate the bright future of having Mater degree in IT aside from teaching..however, if you are really convinced of going to MBA, i will be more than happy to assist you in case you choose KMBS :P though i would say go for the other one as its always a big advantage and opportunity to be the first in trying a new cirruculum, why? because the faculty themselves will be as new as you to this environment, they will be testing and using trial and error during teaching and homeworks. which gives you a chance to take advantage from the lack of experience and shortage of staff at the beginnig, so they tend to be more flexible in the first year:P

  2. Dalia.. you supplied me with a lot of important information, your comment was more than helpful and I really appreciate it :)
    First of all Allah ywafgich in your PhD. Second, as you said "MBA graduates are increasing dramatically in a crazy way". and yes AUM as opening newly would give a good advantages for fresh candidate. My first plan was MBA concentrated in Technology, which I believe that non of the Universities in Kuwait provide it! The problem as I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I find it hard to study abroad. Especially that I have to quit my job first to make it happen! The only Universities that provide the Master degree in business/technology or MIT "Master of Information Technology" are in the US for one and a half year which is awesome. The IT market are more beneficial for men in Kuwait. I know women in Kuwait with Computer engineering degree and computer science and they really find it hard to find a good job in the same field. even in the career opportunity they ask for "a man candidate". If I am going for the MIT I don't have problems quiting my job, but the question is: am I going to find the right job when I am back?
    by the way although I had a bachelor degree in Information Technology, I am not working in the field of IT in my current career which make me with zero experience!
    Thank you once again for your generous and encouraging comment it helps a lot.

  3. dont mention it! did you try to check al ahlia university in can go there during week ends only and they have master IT?

    however, once you made your mind, and choose MBA, i will be more than glad to help. if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me on

  4. don't mention what?! you meant "to resign"?
    Yes I've been to Bahrain on Feb ,and cheeked both Ahlia and Gulf University. but it is hard to travel every weekend! You know the flight issues. They have lectures every Friday from 9AM until 7PM. I will think about it deeply.
    Thank you for offering your help :)

  5. Just to give you a short idea, KMBS offers European MBA and AUM Offers American MBA, Add to that i believe if you are looking to target PhD after MBA you should consider KMBS as by doing thesis you would learn about research

  6. |anonymous|

    Thanks for the information, well first of all I am not sure if I'll continue PhD after my MBA. If so, I would take a joint degree, master + PhD in other field other than Business.
    You may wonder, why from the first place I didn't choose my masters to be in the other field. That's because I needed to have full background in the Business field. besides, I don't really have much choices here in Kuwait.
    Thank you once again anony :)

  7. Thanks for the helpful information, I am facing the same situation right now! Choosing between AUM KMBS and GUST aswell? what was your final desission? why ? how is it going so far? ;)



  8. Lulu

    I ended up with AUM :)



    1-The staff were very helpful and so organized.
    2-AUM is in affiliation with Purdue University.
    3-Students are treated very well there.
    4-Any requests from the students are taken in immediate consideration.

    how is it going so far?

    So far, I am in the second module and never regretted my choice!

    If you have any other questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer/assist you :)

  9. Hi again sweetie,

    Thanks again, I was there yesterday at AUM, you are right about the staff, very helpful and organized too ;-)

    The thing is that I was interviewed by Emmy, she explained every thing later.

    I asked her for a copy of the program description or course Description, while the website is still incomplete.. she said that they will give it to me later after acceptance ;(



  10. You are welcome Lulu :)
    I know how it feels being eager to know the course description :) Wallah I had this feeling in my interview with AUM! I was like "I wanna know the course description, cannot wait for the acceptance"! but believe me there should be a good reason not to distribute information like the course description.. as you know, we are the first patch, and they might change/add/drop some subjects from the curriclum "ba3ad ma ejarboon fena ;)".
    anyways, you can either email me at or post your email if you want to know the curriclum.

    Good luck.

  11. Thanks 7abooba,

    You have been so kind ;-)

    I understand their point, you're right..

    I will send you an email right now, It's btw ;-)

    Thank you so much once again..


  12. You are welcome Lulu..
    Check your email.

  13. Hi,
    How is it going so far? Did you regret choosing AUM? And have you ever concidered GUST? I'm graduating this fall from GUST with an accounting degreeand really thinking of taking MBA at GUST or AUM.I really don't have any information about the AUM program so I would be thankful if you give an idea about their MBA.

    Good Luck sister

  14. I am done with my MBA @AUM and have never regretted my choice! it was not perfect"Nothing is Perfect" but overall it was awesome!
    We've been treated very well.. I've learned a lot during the previous two years, and it was a good experience.
    To be honest i didn't consider GUST and instead I had two choices, either AUM or Maastricht! and at the end I settled with AUM.
    The MBA program at AUM is a two years tri semesters, meaning you have three semesters each year. you'll have the choice to choose a concentration at the end of the second year "last semester".. there is no thesis, instead you'll have to work on a project based on your concentration.
    If you have any specific questions about AUM just ask and let me know :)

    Good luck.

  15. Hi
    Well im thinking in applying for the MBA Program eather in GUST or AUM. the problem is in AUM the staff can't tell me a thing about the program since they are upgrading the admission system. i would love to know what is the Curriculum and concentration part alos. i cant also get the answer when they gonna open the registration.

    GUST will start on the 6th of February but its way too expansive 11000 K.D since im an engineer and i need to take the pre-MBA. so may i know y u did not consider GUST is it something with the program ?


  16. Anonymous: in "2008" I had only two choices, either AUM or KMBS... and thus I didn't consider GUST among my choice, since they still didn't offer the MBA program at that time. by the way why take the pre-MBA? you don't have too! Many of my colleagues at AUM are Engineers, and believe me they didn't face any problems with that, and the first two courses will provide you with a good understanding with the basics of business.. so no worries.
    Most probably the curriculum will cover these topics "Economics micro&macro, Finance, Information System, Accounting, Marketing, Islamic Finance, Operational Management, Leadership, Organization Behavior, Quantitative Methods, Legal Environment, Business Ethics, and Strategic Management.
    and for the concentration (General Management, Islamic Finance, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Human resources) upon the last two semesters + Graduation Project "no Thesis"!
    Sorry got no info about GUST :p
    Good Luck with your choice & your MBA..

  17. Thanx.

    i know i don't need the pre-MBA in AUM but i have to take it if i join GUST its there policy. Sadly i have to join now (due to work) and the AUM staff don't know when the next registration is :(

  18. You are welcome Anony..
    but seriously AUM don't know when the next registration Date is!! HOW come?!

  19. they r upgrading the admission system. i cant get any info about the program. i will give them a chance to the end of January then i will be forced to join GUST :(

  20. hopefully you'll get which is best for you.. Good Luck

  21. mmmm... can i ask about the AUM,,,, i am a civil engineer working in Kuwait and i am planing for my MBA at AUM... but i dont know if it is possible to study part-time after works there or even a full time but an evening lectures??? can u help please

  22. of course you can do that! I mean to study and work :)

  23. Hello Everyone. Its like i hit a jackpot. I ''too'' ironically cant decide whether to go from AUME or GUST, Both are closer to my place of living and I am bit afraid which is more valued and accepted in the market. I, too, was not able to get much information about the MBA of AUME, It attracted me because it had a ISLAMIC FINANCE concentration, something i would love to take. I am interested in MSc in finance but unfortunately not an option in Kuwait. I would love to know about your experience Technogal but a bit more on the learning aspect. How did you find the learning? Was it advance or moderate? and What about the examination? How are they conducted? and what about the value of the degree outside Kuwait?
    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  24. Ash123
    I've no idea about the value of the degree outside the country!
    The learning system in AUM is pretty much like the one offered in the American Universities. it's based on the modern learning under the supervision and advice of Purdue University. The curriculum is mainly designed in a way to fit in Kuwait Market.
    Examination is not only the thing in AUM, you will also have Case Studies from "Harvard", presentations, group homework, etc.. for each topic. I cannot tell you whether it's advance or moderate cause each subject has it's own level of difficulty, there are difficult subjects and other moderate subjects as well. If you are interested in Finance you can choose it as a concentration in the second year of the program.

    Good Luck

  25. Hi all

    Plz help me. I am lost which university is better for masters AUM OR KMBS. SINCE i am planning for phd which one has more international accredation. Plz i need the previous and current students feedback:-X.

    Plz email me with ur comments at ur help is highly appreciated. Thanks all

  26. Hey people,

    I just spoke to an AUM representative this morning in regards to the courses outline for the MBA program. The lady said she wouldn't give out any information until I registered. I don't know if it's just me or conventional to think this way, but isn't this a bit peculiar?
    Almost all of the universities have the course catalog displayed unsecretively on its website. Why is it such a secretive thing for them?

    Moreover, how would I even make an unbiased decision about which MBA to opt for: GUST/KMBS/AUM/IGNOU, if I am not given the course information and do not know if the MBA is worthy enough of the expensive payment (KD 8000 all inclusive.

    Secondly, the lady mentioned that the MBA offered is more of a generic nature with information encompassing all segments of business. She mentioned that there is no concentration within the MBA itself. Isn't this unconventional?
    Could someone please confirm whether this is true?

    Thank you,

  27. hi. i am an MBA student @ gust.. the question is can i transfer to AUM??

  28. Anony: I am not quite sure about that but I think you cannot do transfer to AUM.. Best thing to do is to call them and ask directly.


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