Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Alone!

I spent the whole day at home away from the dust, between reading, eating, and watching TV series! and since the weather doesn't sounds really good for me I may spend the entire weekend at home. I guess it's getting worse within the next upcoming days! Normally we go to the chalet every weekend, but I noticed this year our visits to the chalet are decreasing, due to the climate change and the dust persistence ! it seems we are having to much dust this year. Hope I am mistaken! :(
1- I watched Weeds season two (episodes 1,2,3,and 4).
2- I read through the book "A thousand Splendid suns".
3- I had buttered popcorn while watching the TV.
4- downloaded some media files from the Internet.


  1. did the same! sometimes you miss staying home alone! i took that opportunity to manage my booking for summer!
    apologize for writing as anonymous but really dont have an ID

  2. dalia:
    It does not matter if you are writing as anonymous! Welcome to my blog :)
    Hope you managed doing all your booking for summer.

  3. flights yes, but hotels nooo :( it took me 6 hours to search for hotels and result is zero :((

  4. Which country you are planning to visit? there are many website which may tend to be helpful when searching for a hotel! It depends to which part of the world you are going to, If you are planning to visit the US then try If Europe try
    for Far east
    and sometimes you should make a comparison between them all, in term of price and whether they have a special offer. If you need any help in hotels booking do not hesitate to ask :)


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