Thursday, May 29, 2008

Settling with AUM

It's been a while trying to take further step toward the master degree, although I was confused between MBA and ITC, and whether to go for KMBS or AUM when it comes to MBA. I spent some time thinking and rethinking! Things started to become clear enough for me. I made up my mind and decided to enroll in AUM.
I went there for the interview, submitted the application with some other papers, and paid the registration fees. Yesterday I received a call from them to collect and sign the agreement paper and pay the enrollment deposit. I was so excited and confused at the same time! Excited because I will learn something new. Confused because MBA wasn't my first choice and still I am not sure to what would be my overall performance :(
Still I have to submit both TOEFL and GMAT. didn't schedule the exam yet! but hopefully will do it ASAP.
Joining the business school will never change or alter my interest as an IT person, I believe it will add some value to my career future as well as extending my knowledge and skills in the business filed, which may contributes later on my own business success. However, I will keep updating my self with tech every now and then! and practice what I've learned.


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