Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preparing for MBA

It's been a while shifting from one major to the other when it comes to study for Master degree! I am so in love with Computers and Technology , IT was my major in the University. The problem that most of the IT jobs are limited and more likely available for guys only! Many people suggested that I should go for the MBA instead of having master degree in Technology or Computer Science. I was planning to attend Maastricht business school for the MBA, I was fearing not to success in Business as I didn't study any business subject before! so I changed my plan to have my master degree in Information Technology "MIT", but unfortunately we don't have this program in Kuwait, instead I would go to the state where there are many Universities that offer the MIT, but if I am going to study there I have to quit my job :( and because I am working in the private sector it is not that easy to apply for an educational leave!! Recently I decided to go for the MBA. I heard about the AUM "American University of Middle East" which is in affiliation with Purdue University in the United State, it will open soon in Kuwait and will start their first semester on October, and in order to apply for the MBA in AUM I need a total score of 55o for the TOFEL and I need to have the GMAT exam as well, for the GMAT they are not asking for a specific score, but they do ask for the GMAT itself.
Guess I should prepare my self from now and schedule the exams.


  1. Good luck I am studying myself now and i am scared to death!

  2. :::shosho::: Thanks :) good luck to you too.


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