Saturday, February 2, 2008

Flying with Jazeera Airways

I went to Bahrain with my friend to check their University.. and it was the first time for us to try the Jazeera Airways, it was cool unlike Kuwait airways! I find Jazeera airline much better, the chair was much comfortable, and the service was much better! we spent only one day there, flying at 7 Am from Kuwait to Bahrain and returning the next day at 9 Am back to Kuwait from Bahrain, there was a bad traffic in Bahrain in this day! We spent the day almost in the University, we left the Uni at 7 PM which was located in a place near to "madenat Eisa" heading to Manama city to search for a hotel, we didn't even book the hotel room since we arrive Bahrain, the only thing we did when we arrived the airport is to rent a car and go to the university.

The traffic was too bad when we reached Manama, couldn't even find a hotel! until we found one near to us while we are inside the bad traffic, we rent the room at 8 pm and couldn't even think of going out for dinner because of the traffic, we spent the time in the hotel, having our dinner "actually it was lunch and dinner :(" in the hotel restaurant and then set the clock alarm to 5 AM and sleep since we have an early morning flight!

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  1. Whats funny is I have flown with all the other airlines except jazeera..but I heard some good reviews about it!


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