Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Western Digital Nomad Rugged Case

Three years ago I've got the 500 GB WD external Hard Drive from the State and it was working perfectly during the past two years and a half. Six months ago my external Hard Drive fell down when i was picking up the charger along the way from the drawer! When i've connected it nothing was detected and thus it was most probably damaged and I was really disappointed. Although physically the hard drive itself was in a very good condition, it has not broken up, not even scratched!  Two months ago when I was in the state at best buy checking their WD external drivers,  I saw this durable case "WD Nomad Rugged"and remembered the reason as to what damaged my ED. I then decided to get a new 1 TB WD external Hard Drive,  along with the Nomad Rugged Case. 

The Nomad Rugged case being designed to offer additional protection for most "My Passport" portable hard drives and shield them from drops as hight as 7 feet, and protect them from spills, moisture, and dust.  Also it comes with a convenient opening for the USB cable and thus you don't have to take the drive out of the case to use it.

Now the only thing I've to do since I am using Mac, is to format My Western Digital External Hard Drive with fat32 via Windows!   Which I've explained already in one of my previous posts.


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