Sunday, January 6, 2013

KFH Online Application

KFH Online App for iPhone/iPod/iPad/Galaxy  IOS/Android  an authentic travel pal for your financial transaction,  and it'll make your life really simple with the advanced technology.

All what you need, is to have an iPhone/iPad/Galaxy with 3G prepaid mobile service or wifi and voila! Life is much easier with this little app. For instance you can report your credit card  or ATM card or both with one click if it gets Stolen or Lost!  

Real life example: 7 days ago my wallet got stolen in Paris from my bag in a very creative way and it took them 5 minutes to do so and another 2 minutes for me to discover! out of the blues.. The minute I've discovered that my wallet was theft, I tried to calm my self down. took a deep breath and sat on the bench in front of the eiffel tower. Clicked on the KFH online icon on my iPhone. It took me less than a minute to report  stolen both my ATM Card & Credit Card. and it works the minute I've clicked! This was a relief for me since I don't need to go through the calling process, waiting for the bank representative to answer my phone call, and  then start  the speech thingy (name, cards numbers and  bla bla bla.. ) at this point they gonna surly use my cards! 

Other than that. You can instantly add a payee into your account by simply filling in their names and account number, without the need to call the bank and verify the information. after like 10 to 20 minutes you'll find them there! 

You can also do all the basic things like: Transfer funds between your accounts, and to your payee accounts,  telex transfer, third party transfer, settle utility bills, keep track of your credit card transactions, and settle credit cards dues. 

If you have Online Trading Account with KFH you can also transfer funds right away.

Thank you KFH for the great Apps. Life just got easier. KFH ONline iTunes Store

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